EVGA thermalpads not doing its job

So, its seems that the thermalpads (not the ones that EVGA is sending out) that are installed on the ACX 3.0 cooler cards are not even touching the VRAM modules.

Just a heads up. @EinsteinEP

[–]EVGA_Lee 1 point 11 hours ago
No. For the users who have run into an issue with memory pads not touching, RMA is the solution. The Thermal Pad mod is considered optional, and fixing an issue where your memory pads do not touch your backplate…isn’t really optional. That needs to be fixed, and we’ll be happy to fix that for anyone running into that issue.


And I had a grognard who takes the PC Masterrace joke seriously dump on me for getting a 970 with this new system of mine as opposed to that.


I would say more about grognards, but this is not the place.