EVGA with new cooling tech



This so obvious aimed at the people panicking (like myself) over bad batch of cards exploding :sweat_smile:

I doubt it will actually do anything better. But extra sensor are always nice


Nothing to worry about. Some of the cards produced will be defects, but EVGA always replace those cards for no charge. But there was really heated online discussion as to what the cause was. Was like 2 or 3 cases where the latest 1080 gpu blew up because of bad components.

What’s the purpose of an SMD fuse? Unless you are quite the soldering ninja, you won’t be replacing that yourself.

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I wondered the same thing. Perhaps it is one of those weird self-resetting fuses?

Or maybe it works as a shunt… They use shunt structures in microchips as ESD protection, everytime there’s a discharge, a shunt breaks until there’s no shunts left, only then will the actual chip fail.

Is be curious as to the location of that fuse. It sure dosent look replaceable. However I wonder if its a heat sensitive fuse that resets when it cools.