Exclusive images of the new MiG-29A model in DCS


Do you also have any exclusive info on when we’re gonna get? Possibly coupled with PFM? :smiley:


That’s a really nice aircraft.

What an gorgeous looking plane! Wish we could have this full fidelity!


I want! If only they were to make a full module of the Fulcrum.


Hey, hey, hey…I want the Su-33 full module first…! :smiley:

Given that they got their start with Flanker 1.0 in '95 and Flanker 2.0 later on, I’m seriously surprised there isn’t a Flanker module, yet.


From what I’ve heard around the DCS Community word is that it’s tricky to get the right data/manuals to make a proper simulation of the aircraft. Also E.D. might have an harder time because they are in Russia and the laws are quite stringent.

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I think it may not be the actual data, but Non Disclosure Agreements :smiley:

Who can tell me what engine that is? It looks so familiar…


Perhaps, I know tricky deals are made all the time.

That’s one modern looking cockpit!

What aircraft is that simulating? MiG-35?

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That’s correct. Although I heard that very system may also be implemented on the latest export Su-30’s.

Some minute differences. Different shape on the MFD near the right eyelid. different shape of the ‘cheeks’ on the UFC. 4 buttons on the left eyelid instead of 3 on the su-30. I don’t know any details though.

If I am not mistaken this also pretty much looks like DCS.


There is a lot more to making a flight model than reading pilot manuals.

A lot more.


Yep, you need to like, know math and stuff. It’s tormentious! :wink:


I just read it back and I see you actually said MiG-35! It’s from a Su-35

Anyone else notice that Russian birds’s control stick all seem to be lacking their paint. Could it be that they are hidden survival tools, easily removable and double as shovels or bear bashers. If not that they must be attitude adjusters, where the maintenance crew smash the pilots head every time they come back with a fault.

I like it. Looking forward to seeing what they do with the more modern S-model.

Indeed. How big of a leap is it to the carrier capable Mig-29 (is that the K?)… Man…I love all jet aircraft…but put on a tail-hook on em’…and they reach a whole new level of sxey…


I think that has to do with the fact that the black in western control stick is cast in whatever material they used, and the russian sticks are actually painted in the strain relief blue that they love so much.

It is a bigger leap than one would think. It has a wider undercarrage a better radar an bigger fuel tanks. But yea, I would love to fly a Mig-29 off a Kuznetsov

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