F-105 for FSX or MSFS?

Does anyone know a reasonably detailed rendition of the F-105 for FSX or MSFS? The latest one I have of is for SF2, and I’d like to have something a little more modern and featured.


War Thunder! (sorry)

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I’m gonna need you to burn your keyboard for that suggestion.


I’ve seen this discussed on forums before, and it always concludes that the only one is by Alphasim and itain’t that pretty. I had it and used it up until I got VR - the VC looked pretty bad in VR due to being almost entirely 2D. Don’t remember if it was awful 2D photo’s or just 2D.

Might be on their payware-made-free list and site (if it’s still up) if you want to look at it. If that won’t do for you I think the answer will be “no”.

edit: Indeed it is - but not for FSX/P3D (if they ever did one for those specifically)


Steam sells one for FSX-SE, but I would be very wary

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I guess thats the only option for FSX. that D is from Virtavia, so not in-depth simulation inside out.

not many reviews out there. ( dont watch the yt ‘short review’ @jenrick . I did, you dont have to :smile: )

here some user impressions :

A nice plane however somewhat outdated if compared with the planes which are available today. A lot of switches/knobs are non-functional. It looks like an upgraded FS2004 version for FSX. But it is a Thunderchief.
F-105D Thunderchief for FSX/FS2004 by Virtavia (simshack.net)

I guess I’ll just stick with SF2. I’m surprised the Thud has very limited flight sim space for something that is emblematic of the Vietnam air war.

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Lack of Available Data for many systems.

The common population or want ww2 or modern…
See the nr of titles in this eras vs others (even historically relevant).

Thirdwire have my respect because it had the balls to cover non most popular eras like vietnam, israel wars and cold wars (released many years after the end of it).

For example you not have any excelent modern visuals of a korea war combat flight sim. The most close that you can get is a il2 with mods.

Nowadays, or its modern or it should have nazis (this is what sells, as such that even plastic model kits magazines should have any panzer in the cover to sell better). The new virtual pilots not feel cool something like korea war, israel war, vietnam, maldives war, desert storm, …

I just recently started flying the Thud in SF2 after coming across some videos on YT about the correct bombing parameters.
When I first got SF2 I found myself in an A-4 and it was great fun for Rolling Thunder. When I’d finished and wanted something with a bit more ‘oomph’ I tried the Thud and it was so fast, it scared me straight back to another, later A-4 instead!

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I have found myself playing a great deal of SF2. I love it. With limited time for simming lately its the perfect mix of speed and fun for me.

And my “work” laptop runs it so easily

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Helped me a lot - he covers the parameters for several aircraft. This was actually the big draw to SF2 for me - ‘proper’ bombing rather than punching it all into a flying PC and letting your HUD show you the way…

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Ill agree here. Thats my favourite part of DCS. Dumb bombs and Sabres


Does SF2 run on W10 yet? I checked and Third Wire shows it in development still.

Same pretty much. I’m an iron sights kind of guy at heart for my simming, and I find it rewarding to be able to make that work.

If you aren’t against visiting “the other forum” I can recommend some articles @Andy_Bush wrote that are still relevant today. Weapons Shop Vault - scroll down to the A2G section. In particular the Techniques For Weapons Delivery In SFP1 article is great, and still has a lot of things I use to this day.

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I play on Win10 with the actual non-Win-10-Certified version so I’d say no problem…

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Excellent, now to find my CDs…

Its hard to beleive how forgotten the Thud has become. Such a beautiful workhorse of Vietnam. What a pitty, i love the thud in SF2 but i want it in DCS. Problem is it would take a decade to develop.

VSN has a mod for the Thud in DCS, but it uses the SU-27 pit. Looks great for the AI at least. I’ll even take a light recreation like they did with the F-104. That would make me a happy man.

The VSN group has a cockpit in the works for it. So, expect some updates for the Thud coming in a bit.

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