F-14 "AHRS" light on caution panel

Hullo everybody! One question : did you experienced a “AHRS” light on caution panel. Apparently, it messes up INS system and so air to ground targeting . Doesn’t know what i did wrong. Any idea? It appears during flight, although everything was fine on the ground. I found something about a 82° degress limitation in the manual… Somebody said to me that i pull to hard on the stick. If so, is there a way to “fix it” or “reset” during flight? Thanks for the help!


It seems to relate to magnetic heading, so without it the only way to get around it is to manually update the magnetic heading by the RIO. There doesn’t seem to be an in-flight way to reset it.

The pilot can do the following for AHRS according to the manual:

Selects source of AHRS heading information.

COMP - Compass, uses magnetic azimuth detector directly without stabilization from the directional gyro, used only for emergency operation and the displays automatically uses the manual magnetic variation.

SLAVED - Normal mode, uses the magnetic azimuth detector stabilized by the directional gyro.

DG - Directional gyro mode, uses only gyro and not the magnetic azimuth detector.

So if it gets knocked out due to maneuvering or over-G or what have you, the gyro probably is shot… Which isn’t really fixable in-flight.


Hmm. That’s what I thought … I think I’ll be nicer to the bird from now on. Thanks a lot for the help dude!


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