F-14 Cold-Start guide

I’m confused, are you required to salute at some point to use the aircraft? Sorry I haven’t bothered to look into anything for the F-14 until I have time to really fly it closer to summer.

It’s just a ‘ready for launch’ new control for the Tomcat. I think it’s a nice idea personally.

It was a joke - like I would pry a button off my keyboard and send it in the mail…which I could do…but it wouldn’t work…that’s all I meant. :slightly_smiling_face:


Actually, this type of thing may be good for a separate thread. The TM WH, and other higher end HOTAS are not the answer to everything. In some cases, to get nearer to the actual controls, a simpler controller is better. @Troll’s Viggen flightstick project is a good case in point.

I have “dumbed down” from the WH HOTAS for all my DCS and FSX (and now XP11) helicopters, preferring the X52 because you can sort of turn the throttle about 30º and it feels more like a collective. Similar for the DCS Mig-21 and Viggen because the X52 is a single throttle controller. Yes, you can flip the little thingy to make the WH into s single throttle…sort of…it is a very big single throttle.

So thoughts on what we are doing with controllers, what is the “philosophy” behind using one controller over another for this jet or that jet…that kind of thing.


I have my TMWH throttle for fixed wing and the X52 throttle has been modded flipped 180 degrees and has an ex walking stick as collective handle for choppers :slight_smile:

Excuse the dust I have been having a good sort out and clearing all the crap I had lying around. Next job is hoovering and dusting, clearing the decks for wedensday :smiley:


LOL, I adore these solutions! :laughing:

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Pull for power all teh way :smiley:

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Now that is cool! :grin: