F-14 Cold-Start guide

Not for those who like the Cold-and-Dark Choose-Your-Own-Adventure exploration game in a new module, I am going to need a reference to learn all the bits and bobs that I will need to run through to get the jet started.

Here is a Heatblur video (courtesy of Jabbers):


I wonder if the Jester interface works with vr and what would be the best button to bind for accessing the menu. I never seem to have spare buttons :grinning:


I think I read it might be based on ‘looking slightly around’ to move the selection in VR.

Agreed on lack of spare HOTAS binds. I think I need a middle foot pedal as a shift key. :slight_smile:


One slight error in the Cold Dark tutorial. Step one should be: “Wait until 13 March 2019”…just say’n :slightly_smiling_face:

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two more days. just two
i wanna sleep for a couple days lol

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Ah yes, the old time traveling strategy. I hadn’t considered that one, but you may be onto something. Especially with Daylight Savings Time screwing up everybody in the U.S.'s sleep schedule (outside of Arizona).

You know…I have traveled around the world heading west, without coming back…doesn’t that mean that I have permanently gone one day into the future…which means I should be able to get the F-14 tomorrow!

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Remember you need a key to bind the salute for takeoff on the carrier :grinning:


I want to gesture it with my controller (either mouse or VR controller) :slight_smile:

That really bothers me. What a waste of a button.
I hope there is another way to do that, such as using the Jester circle menu, radio menu or something.

The continued existence of 1%er capitalism bothers me, having to remember a button or keypress… eh. I’ll live with it.


I’ve got an extra button you can use. :roll_eyes:

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Guys, seriously. I don’t have a HOTAS right now so I have the great number of nine (9) buttons available on the stick. The last thing I need is to bind one of them to a function I need once a mission, and I will most likely need the quickly accessible keys on the keyboard for important stuff.
What is so funny about that?

I don’t think anyone cares really @Aginor - if @Hangar200 does, then he should keep it to himself, as it’s unimportant. C’est la vie and all that.

For bindings, maybe just put it on something already mapped that won’t fire with weight on wheels? That way you don’t need another button.

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@Aginor Dont take offense, sarcasm doesnt come through a forum some times.

To your point of no hotas, might I suggest a PS4 controller?


That’s a good idea. Could work.
…unless it makes my pilot salute all the time when I use the other function…
…but then, why not. :smile:

Sure, do a ‘thank you for your service!’ every time your fire the gun or something. Could work… :slight_smile:

I thought Shift + U was the default? From what I’ve seen posted, anyways.

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None taken. I just thought I didn’t get the joke - again.
It is a concern to me (and most likely others that dont have buttons to spare).
Frog’s suggestion could work though. The weapon release button or so could work OK for it.

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