F-14 Love Hate Relationship

So after installing the F-14 and checking in for my first flight an old problem has resurfaced. I had an issue where switching to F10 view or any other would cause the scenery to disappear and take a year and a day to reload. It is very frustrating and is causing me to not enjoy the Tomcat. I have 16Gb of RAM and a 3Gb GTX-1060.

I’m also having other issues with keybinds, views and the sort. I can’t seem to get the Tomcat set up properly. When I switch to RIO seat, my view controls become frozen. I know I’m missing a setting or two but these issues are taking the fun out of the Tomcat.

Normally I can work through those issues but I find myself quitting and playing Division 2.

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You need waaaaay more video memory.
Your system could compensate with RAM, but with only 16GB you are running out of that too.


Ouch…I get that issue sometimes when I hit F11 instead of F10.

I realize this must be all GPU related however, try hitting a full pause before hitting F10 and/or changing the F10 map to the Map background. I try to use the Map background anyway since it is a bit more realistic.


I suspected as much but there seems to be so many debates of how much is enough. Truth is, I do have plans for a future build dedicated to flight sims because I will be plunging into VR once the dust settles a bit more. That’s still off a ways, tho.

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I also have 3GB VRAM right now.
If you turn down a few things it works.


Hobbies are meant to be expensive & enjoyed in full fidelity! :grin: (Especially this masterpiece of Heatblur’s)

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That’s why I am going to buy a new PC, probably next month.

Terrain textures a notch down seems to work wonders and is apparently a large load on memory in my experience.

Especially if you consider that today’s “low” still looks quite a bit better than “high” did a few years ago.


If your hardware is otherwise managing, you could even just jump to 32GB of System ram.

On 16GB, with DCS and a couple small background items like discord, I would be at about 12GB in use plus all 8 of my Graphics card’s memory.

With 32GB, DCS will now gladly push it up to 20GB in use on Persian Gulf, slightly less for Caucasus. It loads more of the map.

Both cases I am using Wag’s settings.


Texture fidelity is a good call (but high is akin to a drug, once you are used to it!).

Preload radius is another good one to play with - too high, and memory usage goes up - as does slow downs if the Camera is moved far (say an F2 jump to another aircraft far away). Too low and flying fast means a lot of re-loading (but not as much each time).


I had a settings sweet spot before the Tomcat but I guess a little more tweaking before my upgrade wont hurt.While mirrors are cool, I really don’t need or use them.

The tomcat renders a lot of cool but useless detail in the mirrors. They get turned off by me too.


That is a tad bit disrespectful. The proper name for the F-14’s “mirrors”–the thing the pilot uses to see what is behind the jet–is “RIO”. :wink:


I thought the RIO’s role in things is to encourage the pilot when doing difficult things like dogfighting or tanking.


Well yes…that too…and don’t forget being the “Nav Bag”…keeps all the maps, approach plates, etc., handy for the pilot.

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