F-14A Guide

I was wondering if there will be a Chuck’s Guide covering the F-14A.

My primary concern is information on flying the TF30s in every flight regime.

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I won’t speak for Chuck, but I guess we’ll hace to wait at least for the ‘A to be released so he can get his hands on it…

In the meantime, I think the summary of what the RL pilots have said about it is to leave it in Mil or reheat as necessary during maneuvering. Just a little bit of forward planning during maneuvers, rather than reacting to what is happening.

Yep, SOP during high AoA maneuvering was Zone 5 - set it and forget it!

Where the TF30 will be most tricky is behind the boat. I’m not sure if you’ll be able to make the subtle changes you can with the GE-110, so you may need to be that much more “on speed.” Also be sure to turn in on azimuth; an overshoot with the approach turn stall is a deadly combination with the TF-30 and the increased AoA.


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If you’ve got the MiG-21 or Viggen, it’ll be comparable to those. Avoid throttle changes at high AoA and you’ll generally be OK.

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But don’t get into Icemans jetwash or you may find yourself in a flat spin, heading out to…sea… And you will be needing a new RIO, and… Well, just don’t. Ok?


There were lots of us online on Hollo Pointe a while back and flew through someone in an F16’s jet wash or wake at least and put myself in a flat spin and had such a fit of the giggles that I couldn’t explain what had happened until I respawned and had calmed down. “I had a proper top gun moment everyone” that was so childish but I found it so funny


I haven’t done that, yet, but I have had my moments of ”too close for missiles, switching to guns”, ”watch the mountains!” and ”I’m gonna hit the brakes and he’ll fly right by”… :wink:

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