F-14A Take-Off


Hnnngnnh… Those liveries… Those afterburner flames…

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those compressor fails :grin:

Oh it’s gonna be fun!

I am so pleased this is happening

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Here we observe the typical English penchant for understatement. While his verbiage indicates mild amusement at these goings on, the Englishman in question is actually more like:



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Beautiful video, but please help me understand what is so special about the A variant? Pure A2A? You have to understand that I am the spawn of an Air Force fighter jock and am ignorant in most ways of Naval aviation, other than our beloved legacy Hornet.

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Well the A was the most common variant that saw most of the Tomcat’s intended work in-role.

While not this dramatic it would be a bit like us having the early Super Hornet (functionally the same as the legacy, but with the new airframe and engines) instead of the 18C. (This Super being equal to having F-14B for this thought experiment). The Super is nicer, but the Legacy is what actually did the work.

So getting us the 14A is more “real” to many in what experience they want out of the jet.


Well said @Wes. I think that adequately explains it.

Plus pretty much everything the Tomcat is famous for features the A model. Top gun, the Ali cats, Gulf of Sidra. The Final Countdown and my bedroom wall


Some people want to win, to pwn in the best, most high tech machine. They ask for an F-22 because that would rock.
Others, like me, are curious about the odds our forebears were overcoming and want historical accuracy.
And there’s those who want to pwn in a crap crate because that gives thrice the bragging right. I remember a certain spitfire kill. The thrill is real, ne c’est pas?


Nice! I wish I didnt stop playing DCS :slight_smile:

Btw, that terrain looks interesting, looks like ortho, doesnt look like Syria to me, but can be wrong…

The late model A we’re getting next week is still A/G capable; the noticeable difference is the TF-30 engines instead of he GE-110s.

That, and the A can do one thing that the B can’t: TARPS. Not that the B cannot physically do it, but the pods were out of the inventory when the B came online.


Me too… boomtown!

I just want to see if its as hard to fly and as bad as it was made out to be. I think it will be easier to fly. You will be more aware of its limitations and will be working harder to stay ahead of it. I bet its a SOD to refuel though

I’m looking to refuel as well. I’m pretty good at tanking in the B, so this will be interesting. I don’t think compressor stalls will be an issue since you’re at low AoA during tanking, but any difference in power and spool-up times may make things sporty at first.


Kind of like Cars I had in the late 70’s early 80’s that wouldn’t start when below freezing …unless you popped the hood…toke apart the air cleaner and shoved a screwdriver down the carb and sprayed it quite liberally with starter fluid. The F-14 has…UM… :thinking:…Character…Yah…“Character” Those TF-30 engines were known to be a bit temperamental and prone to compressor stalls and flameouts

It’s going to be Fun finding out these little “Character” traits HB have built in…and Jester’s responses!! :grin:


They aren’t that prone for compressor stalls. However my absolute FAVOURITE thing in the viggen to do is make it go BANG BANG.

I can only vibrate with excitement so much at the thought of having 2 engines to abuse. I wonder if you can hear them from the ground? I need an observer to try this out.

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Make sure you have the Asymmetric Thrust Limiter mapped to your HOTAS! :grin:

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Sure Boyington, First I get you, then I get your observer!


Skip to 38:30 of the video for the quoted scene.


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