F-14A Tomcat Topgun esque campaign coming to DCS

I am so much looking forward to the upcoming Zone 5 campaign from Reflected Simulations.

made in collaboration with Dave ’Bio’ Baranek, former Tomcat RIO, Topgun instructor and CO of VF-211 from 1997 to 1998 and also author of TOPGUN DAYS, BEFORE TOPGUN DAYS and TOMCAT RIO.

At this point Reflected Simulations have supplied all files to ED, so it is going live when ED is ready. It could be with the next update. (I hope so and I will get it as soon as possible.)

There are a couple of videos from the campaign here:

And another one here:

Reflected Simulations section on the ED forums:

Reflected Simulations Facebook site:

Happy Simming


I’m looking forward to this a ton as well, especially since I recently put myself through his P-51 and F-86 campaigns. I’m not watching the videos, though! Going to keep my experience pure and first-hand :slight_smile:

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Will not be a true F-14 campaign until you can shoot down Zeke’s.




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I got the “departed controlled flight and nearly hit the water” scene down pat. I am an expert.


There, FTFY.

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Funny you should mention that! :sunglasses:

Reflected, the author of Zone 5, also created this mission.


I just looked at his other DCS downloads and wauw he is productive.

13 pages of skins for different modules (A boatload for the F-14A), single missions, 2 missions from each of his campaigns, a Huey training ground and more.

Get them here:

Happy Simming

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I am also exited about Reflected Simulations upcoming Fear the Bones! F-14 campaign.

Key words:

Story driven and fun.

RedKite single mission preview from Fear the Bones!

I will get that as soon as it gets out.

I just found out that his name is Greg Gale.

When asked about a Reflected Simulations roadmap on the ED forum, this was his answer:


I can’t really promise any ‘roadmap’ as release dates are really up to ED at the end of the day. With this in mind:

Zone 5 F-14A campaign already submitted, hopefully coming in January, but it’s just that, my hope. It’s out of my control.

Wolfpack P-47 campaign already submitted, hopefully coming in February, and only if Zone 5 makes it into the January update. So basically after Zone 5.

Should those get released fine, I’ll submit my ’Fear the Bones! ’ F-14 campaign that I’ve been working on for over a year. Now it’s 99% finished, just waiting for a dozen more voice overs. It’s not as hardcore as ‘Zone 5’, it’s more story driven and ‘fun’.

I’ve already done my research and planning for a Mosquito campaign , but hey, we need a Mosquito for that, a fully functioning one. So I have no idea when that campaign can materialize. Keep in mind that building such a campaign takes at least 4-5 months, sometimes a lot more.

I know the F4U is coming, and as Magnitude announced I’m the one making the single, quick and training missions that are coming with the module. I’ll definitely make a campaign too, but we need a map for that. ED promised the modern Marianas map later this year, not sure when the WWII version will follow. As soon as we have a WWII Pacific map I’ll start working on it.

Also, Bio and I talked about a possible sequel to ‘Zone 5’, but it’s nothing but an idea so far. We’ll wait and see how ‘Zone 5’ is received, how much free time we both have, etc…

Those are my plans basically, with full transparency.

End Quote

An interview with Greg Gale:

Happy Simming


Air Combat Sim Podcast:

Jabbers, Baltic Dragon and Rob interviewing Bio and Reflected about Zone 5

Happy Simming


I just saw your post in the update thread that it is released and immediately went over and bought the campaign.

Thank You!

Happy Simming

Same here, bought it even before the patch was done being sucked down.

Zone 5 is now available on Steam.

Now Steamers can do something about the Topgun itch. :sunglasses:

Happy Simming

I just began Fear the Bones and need a cold shower after the first mission. Man, it was hard. Night quals. I have been flying the Tomcat exclusively the last few weeks trying to learn it and get comfortable. Thought that I was there, but obviously need to work on Case III departures and arrivals. Oh and maybe some night refueling. :thinking:


It was definitely a kick in the pants as far as hand flying with steam gauges! I had a massive amount of fun with that whole campaign, and it made me a better pilot, for real.


I’m through mission 11 and only have about a 60% success rate. I can fly the snot out of the plane, but my BVR skills are sorely lacking, especially between 30 miles and the merge. I’m cranking after the shot, but I watch my Phoenixes too long and don’t know how to tell when they’ve gone pit bull or tango uniform. I think that I might do better with a human RIO, or just understand how to manage all the RIO gear. I know that I have a bad attitude about riding in the back, but snuck back there for a little bit in the last mission (2:25 with AAR), and was impressed by all of Jester’s toys.

If I survive to the merge, I do fine with heaters and guns. If the real Tomcat handles this well in a knife fight, then kudos to the aerodynamicists. I haven’t had any problems with the A other than the wicked failures that Reflected has added.

Love the banter between steerpoints. Will miss it in future campaigns.


I honestly don’t remember having any trouble with BVR-

…Actually that’s not true at all; come to think of it, I remember I actually got my *** handed to me the first time I tried to use the Phoenix against the two Fokkers (“who were flying Fishbeds”, as the joke goes…) in the first mission you had to use them. If I could live to the merge, Sparrows and heaters worked, Phoenixes didn’t.

So I stopped and sent myself back to school; Between Chuck’s guide and Redkites six shooter video, I learned how to successfully dominate with the Phoenix. Turns out I didn’t grasp the symbology, and I was overthinking it a bit. It turned out Jester did a great job once I understood what was going on.

That said, unfortunately it’s been several months since I’ve been in the Tomcat (or gotten to DCS at all, really due to life, children and work); so I can’t quite remember any specific tips, except one: there’s a target size switch I the RIO pit, front left I think? Supposedly that determines the range it goes pitbull. Larger target, earlier pitbull, faster turn cold and burn.

I made that part of my startup sequence, but only AFTER he was done with all the technowizardry he does back there, lest I interrupt him. Beyond that, TWS is amazing, and while I won’t say I didn’t waste any, it was pretty rare that 4x TWS launched Phoenixes didn’t result in at least 3 splashes early in the engagement. Just be sure to get that weight off the bird before you go WVR, lol!!

It got to where I was trading out my sparrows for them on the boat.

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I usually have Chuck’s guide open in the background for reference, but haven’t watched any of Redkite’s Tomcat content. Will bone up a bit more.

Nice one. Will check that out.

Don’t worry, I’ve usually shot everything but heaters by the merge, and learned the VAICOM voice command, “drop tanks” early on. Makes a huge difference. Also the difference in fuel burn from 100% to 90% is substantial.

I thought about this, but tried to keep with the spirit of the campaign. But we just got resupplied, so will try next mission.

I really appreciate the tips. Flying the whole thing in VR btw, and loving it.


Same here! Dark nights off the boat were daunting but amazing!

I learned how important it was to trim the HUD and VDI. And keep trimming the bird, lol. Coming from Raven One in the hornet, I had to take a step back from Systems Manager to an Instrument Pilot, and focus on flying the bird. Which was great in the tomcat because that’s all the pilot has to do: fly this tennis court sized hotrod and point it at the enemy at supersonic speeds and the GIB does the rest. It’s awesome, and I thoroughly loved it!

ETA- I also just remembered a target aspect switch somewhere in the back that does something helpful. Can’t remember, but I think I always set it to Nose

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