F-15C The Georgian War Сampaign and 2.5 Open Beta

I’m trying to fly this campaign but can’t pass the first mission. It appears that some trigger isn’t working as there is no MIG-29 flight spawned when I’m on route back to base (as seen in some vids on YT).

Probably it’s the issue with the current beta release. My question at this point is - should I downgrade from Open Beta to the 2.5 stable release or even the legacy 1.5? Anyone played it under 2.5?

I’ve flown the first three missions without issues with 2.5 OB. Then the Hornet was released and I’ve been distracted. The thing that I got stuck on in the first mission, was not checking in with the tanker to release the Turkish F-16s. Once I figured out that I needed to take some sort of coms F10 action at the waypoints where an
action was expected, I was able to progress. Possible spoiler to follow.

I want to say that near the last waypoint AWACS gave BRA to a pop-up group to the NW and we were directed to intercept.

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I’m aware of the Push commands you need to give to AWACS and then to the Su-25 flight. The thing is that after that there are no more commands to give to anyone. I was querrying AWACS for a picture but it was clean. I think that the pop-up group that need to spawn is not spawning at all on my way to WP7. I tried the mission the 2nd time still no luck. I loitered between WP6 and WP7 but nothing triggered.

Maybe something changed in the beta build since you played it that broked the mission? Anyway thanks for the reply. Maybe I’ll try going to 2.5 stable …

The mission works fine in 2.5 stable, I guess something new messed it up in the open beta.

Hey guys! Yeah, newest patched messed things up with the AI and parking spots again… we’ve sent an updated version to ED already!


Thanks for the reply, great missions in that campaign (flew 2 of them so far).

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That’s good news BD. Thanks for the heads-up @damson

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