F-15E Engines vs F-15C engines?

I’m super stoked about the upcoming F-15E, but I wonder if the 2007 version’s uprated engines might be modded to go into the F-15C that I currently fly? The 7,000 extra lbs’ of thrust would be interesting to say the least .

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I can already the forum screaming “USAF BIAS!” :grin:
Almost worth it…

I know when the 25T came out they “backported” its engines into the stock 25, replacing the earlier model it came with. So the 25 got better performance out of the deal vs them having two separate versions of the engine in FC.

However, IIRC the Beagle’s engines are optimized for low altitude high-subsonic speed, not interception/air superiority like the Charlie’s. So in other words while they have more power on paper, the performance would actually be worse.

The fact that after all these decades the USAF never changed the engines says something.


Got it. I just remember the debates over the GE/P&W engines in the '22 and '23, and it literally seemed like the GE was better for the '23, while the P&W was better for the '22.

Having a missile truck like the recent “War Zone” photos from Jedi Canyon, makes me think the GE’s at altitude might buy you some extra minutes with their efficiency.

Pretty much All Usaf f-15c fly with pw -220s, strike eagles fly with a mix of pw-220s and -229s.

They tested the -229s on c models but it never really went anywhere.


Oooh boy engine efficiency! This could be good! @near_blind surely you’ve got a lot to say about this?! :wink:

urrrrrrrrrgggggh. Big engine go fwoooooooooosh, biggest fwoosh best fwoooosh!

I mean, I’d take the -229s if it were an option, but I doubt EDSIMTEK is going back to retool the flight model to a hypothetical baseline if they do a full up F-15. There are thirty years worth of F-15Cs to choose from, I doubt we’d get the S or SA.

I’d do dirty things for an APG-63v3 though.

I fully concur, the bigger the fwooosh the better the woosh! Fine words indeed!

yeah and no USAF F-15C’s that I’m aware of actually fly with them. When they tested them it was almost literally too much power, if you take the CFT’s off a -229 strike eagle it suddenly becomes a BFM monster because of all that power, so much so that you can sustain 9G’s for just about ever. You can suddenly supercruise, mach 2 is no longer something you kinda chuckle pointlessly about, but something you can actually do with ease.
C model airframes are all old, and while they would no doubt benefit from having -229’s in them, they are just fine with the -220s, and would risk overstressing their airframes with the -229’s. Strike eagles however are rather underpowered with -220’s and just about right with -229’s.


So what you’re saying is:


The ability to take the CFTs off an E would actually be a fun option.

Anyone remember if Jane’s F-15 modeled 220s or 229s? I get the feeling it was the former because of when it came out.