F-16C Red Flag 21-1

@bunyap2w1 lives! And he made another campaign. This time, a Red Flag campaign for F-16. Looks like a good mix of air-to-air and air-to-ground from the trailer. Diving into this as soon as I can.


I got this campaign the other day and decided I needed to be more proficient in the Viper so I did a couple of training missions got some kills with the amraams and sidewinders. Getting the hang of dropping dumb bombs and cluster bombs ( I forgot how 1337 CBU 97s are)
I then thought I am ready for the first mission of the campaign.
Yes it’s an LGB mission, so back to school before I start.
I also bought a kindle book yesterday which I can’t put down called Viper pilot by Dan
Hampton. I am sure it must have been mentioned on here before but it is so well written. More chicken hawk than A10 over Kosovo if you get my meaning


enjoy, @Cib. I got about halfway through when it originally came out but put it to the side for a while. Think I’ll have to restart it someday soon. While Bunyap obviously did a good job making this, it was really giving me hell. Not so much because of the enemies, it was the friendlies that filled the entire sky with AMRAAMs, leading to plenty of fratricide incidents. I had already been blue falconed twice before deciding to call quits and put it to the side for a while. I hope it’s better now.

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I read all of the things Hampton put on kindle. Yes he has quite the ego. But he’s also a fine writer, and he has quite earned his swagger imo. His book on weaseling ia just the bees knees. Im a big fan.


I’ve played through it once, it’s solid. Started doing it again now that the HARM got some more modes, that should make one more proficient in the SEAD/DEAD role. Plus the new clouds really force you down into the weeds sometimes, which is nice.

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I am not advanced enough for SEAD yet. I can use aim 9s but the 120s are more difficult to master, I can’t get to ACM quickly either. Just by using OSB, am I missing something

There’s a dogfight override switch on the throttle that you gotta map somewhere. That’ll put the hud to dogfight mode and the radar to ACM. You can then select a WVR radar mode of your liking using TMS. If you flip that switch the other way to MRM you instantly get put into a mode that is most practically useful for BVR. It doesn’t do anything you can’t do without putting the jet into AA mode using the ICP button, but it’s nice to have BVR just a button away. Important to note for both dogfight and MRM override modes is that you need to recenter that switch in order to return to normal modes (NAV, AG etc).


HARMs are very easy to use.

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… If you don’t mind not squeezing every last meter of range out of the thing but firing it down the throats of offending emitters in HAS mode. Right? Right.

Of course the cool kids run in with a pack of rockets at 15feet AGL, pop up and smack the thing right in the face. Not something you’d do IRL, unless it’s the only thing available :wink:

I just bought it in the recent sale. I am still going over all the documents, those are impressive. If they weren’t available for free I’d say those would be worth the sale price by themselves, from all I learned about the Red Flag.

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This video may help with your ACM

He also has other videos that could be helpful

Happy Simming


While this thread is active can I ask a question
Do we have a way of delivering GPS guided munitions in the f16

Nope, not yet. Nothing that relies on GPS for delivery is currently implemented.

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While investigating this campaign I came across this:

“…These missions were designed to give you complete freedom in choosing how to execute them. There are no zones you must fly through for the mission to play out properly. Everything will proceed as designed with or without you.

This is why I’m purchasing it. Will see how it plays out.0

To preview the docs - link

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