F 18 - Issues with saving Cockpit views

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I bought the Hornet F 18. I prepared my cockpit views. E.g. the left console. then I hit the [WIN] key and the [1] on the number pad. This should link the screenshot to the [1]. Then I want to save the whole by hitting [AltR]+[Num0]. This procedure workes very good with my A 10, but with my F 18 I have the problem that this only works for 1 playing session. If I start the game in a new session lets say a day later or so then the previously saved views are gone and I have to do the whole procedure again :frowning:
Any advice here, what I am doing wrong?

Thanks for your help!

Wow…6 days have gone by w/o an answer…is Mudspike finally stumped? :wink:

OK, I have not used the method you describe. I assume you are doing this from the “in sim” cockpit view, not using the “Adjust Controls” menu. Using adjust controls, various button presses and controller set ups can be saved but, AFAIK not the functions you are trying to save.

If you know this is how it works with the FA-18 mod, I recommend that you go through a “check list” each time you fly the Bug anew. I had to do something like that setting/resetting my TrackIR in FSX. A bit of a bother but I got used to it.

All that said, a simple and fairly inexpensive solution is a nice TrackIR with TrackClip Pro set up. While waiting for my Monster Rig and Rift S so be “Sendt” (or “ikke sendt”…I am learning @Troll) I used that set up and really liked it.

Sorry if I couldn’t be more help.

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I just think a guy called Joda should be able to use the force and bend DCS to his will… :wink:
I have never used this, other than changing eyeheight…

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Actually, I didn’t know this existed. :grimacing: I started with TrackIR and then to VR so never needed it. Still, sometimes I fly on my Laptop w/o the Track IR and Pro Clip hooked up…so I may look into this. :thinking:

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