F-18 was working

Help I need help.
D/L ed F-18 and it was working fine.
I messed around with the control files etc.
Got a good start on it for my cougar HOTAS
But somehow now it does not work
Joy Axises are ok. None of the bound keystrokes work now.
But even the keyboard seems to not control anything.
Do I need to reinstall?
Or locate some original key file setup?
Joe surfdog A.

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Maybe do a repair? The easiest way to do that would be via Skatezilla’s excellent app.

Edit >. I forgot to say Welcome to Mudspike!

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Yo Joe,
Welcome to Mudspike!

When the Controls menu is open, does the keyboard work?
Are you in Sim settings, or the Game settings?

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Ok Yeah,
Yes key board works in control settings.
Able to make changes in control menu.
But nothing takes.
It worked fine when first installed.
Even made a carrier landing! Successful
But in “sim or game” mode gets the same results.
Just noticed the the Throttle has no response either.
Stick has pitch and roll though.

In my F-15 module everything works fine.
Sticks, keys changes to control menu etc etc.
Joe surfdog A.

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I suggest using Skatezilla’s app, in the link above, to remove the module and then reinstall it. You can Deactivate the module first, on the DCS website - but I have never worried about that.

That app also has a easy to use Repair and a Clean function to try before uninstalling.

And if that doesn’t work, then I suggest going over to the DCS Forums - the folks in the F/A-18 forum group ought to be able to help you.

I guess I’m just a confused NOOB on DCS.
I’ve been using the Steam version.
I recently d/l’d the DCS standalone version, but it has some kind of installation problem.
Not functioning yet, some kind of hangup freezes when opening?
My steam F-15 module is working great.
In both single screen and Oculus VR mode.

I got the skatezilla repair / update app.
But it looks like its for the straight DCS version.
I’m kinda lost.

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Welcome to Mudspike @surfdogx

About ten minutes and it might help you use Skatezilla’s program?

Since all you are doing is choosing the location where the game is installed I would think it should work even with the Steam version.


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hey wheels!
Thanks for the youtube clip.
But my DCS Updater from skate starts up but nothing seems clickable.
Cant select build, cant change offline status to online etc etc.
What am I missing here??
j s.dog A.

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I might be that you are trying to mix Steam DCS and regular full-fat DCS. That dog won’t hunt.

Try changing over your steam DCS content to regular on the DCS site. That way you lose steam updater functionality, but your future updates will come slightly quicker and your money from future purchases goes directly to ED.

Read all about it here:

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Sorry @surfdogx I don’t know what else might be causing your problems with @SkateZilla’s program unless @schurem is correct in his assessment.


App will report offline due to my webhost locking my account.


As for no buttons being clickable, thats either becaise the files were not found, due to paths to dcs not being set, or dcs processes are already running.