F-22 Raptor Came To A Rest On Its Side After Making Emergency Landing In Alaska


The loss of every single one of these beasts is a tragedy. Such a shame

I did try and find better pictures of this but the one in the article is all I could find. Be very interested to see this from a closer shot.

Not to be too snarky, but this is how we get new “jets on a stick” at the gates to AFBs…if it’s written off, they pull the engines, avionics and what not, fix visible damage, give it a new coat of paint and bolt it to a big steel pole, usually at some cool looking AOB / pitch angle.


I never thought of it like that. Bit of an ignominious end for a thoroughbred. Such a shame.

Looks like only one at Tyndall didn’t have strong enough bolts…!


You beat me too it! I was just about to post that

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Was that a F15?

F15 on its back. Poor girl

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I think the gate guards were all damaged but the f15 took the brunt of it. The sabre came out pretty unscathed apart from paint damage. Can anyone confirm that they are an f4e an f86 an f106 and an f15?

correctomundo, tho i’d call that F-15 an EX-F-15 for now.

I shudder to think the devastation to regular peoples’ homes in that area if even a millitary installation is obliterated like that. A full regiment of backfires couldn’t have done a better job.

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