F-35 fight in Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations

I still keep looking at this game in my Steam wishlist…

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I keep looking at it too. But that price tag is a little high for me right now.

Yeah, that’s what is holding me up…

You guys missed the steam Sale! 50% off , It was the price of a normal game!

Also a very good read cheers sith

I didnt miss it, I hovered over the button a few times to buy, I am just not sure I can afford the time, it looks like it might take some time to get good at and enjoy.

It is a very time consuming game and thankfully has time acceleration plus save game features otherwise I’d never see the outside of my house. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Extremely in-depth simulation of naval and air warfare though. Worth getting if you are into that.

I enjoy this game because its so freaking huge very very awesome sim