F-35 & Thunderbirds

I’ve already read the online posts about how this video looks misleading because the F-35 is more controllable at way higher AOAs than the F-16 is capable…but I can’t help but say how uncomfortable that looks at that pitch. Obviously they were flying super slow for the photo aircraft…but it does look wonky…LOL…


With use of new fancy helmet, it should have good visibility. Probably better than F-16 at high alpha. I recall reading about F-16 practicing engine out approach in the pattern and ending up crashing into C-130 killing all souls on board due to high alpha that blocked visibility ahead…

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The Green Ramp crash. Happened here at Pope AFB back '94. We were at my grandparents house at the time, not too far from the base, and could hear the crash and see the smoke from their deck.

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Ugh…that’s horrific.

AOA doesn’t look that bad from neither aircraft, although the F-16’ computer has decided to put the LE flaps down, so yeah it’s definitely on the lower end of the curve!

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