F-35B Ski-Jump

Now this is cool…



Yeah, but reversing on to it for landing is too hard! :wink:

I think all the ‘through-deck cruisers’ (the political name for a carrier when the UK wasn’t allowed to spend money on actual ships called carriers) used the ramps as well. I imagine it’s a way to pack on a little more useful weapons/fuel for where the budget seems pretty tight (like the Harrier before it).

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I probably impress easily…but to me it seems like a pretty cool thing that the flight computers can figure out all that logic off the ski jump and go “oh…hey…we are flying…but at minimal airspeed…we need to do this, this, this, and this to make sure we don’t crash…”

Computers. Cool. (Ok…and Newton too…)


I think mainly Newton, as the analog Harrier uses/used them too - cool old thread on the how/whys here: