F-35D announced

F-35D announced…

Kick ass! Funny because when I was reading an article about the A-10 today on Wired I was struck by how the article just took years and years of the same stuff and stuck it in there. “Titanium bathtub”, “flying gun”, “flying tank”, etc… Yeah…I’m a huge fan of the A-10 and think it shouldn’t be cut…and I’m not a huge fan of the military industrial complex side of the F-35…but I still think the A-10 articles can be funny in their repetitiveness.

My favorite quote from the F-35D article:

“We had to remove the F135 engine and bore a long hole through the length of the aircraft, but we managed to do it. We put the Avenger in the jet, just like everybody wanted. Will you all please just shut up now?”


Hell yeah!!!

“This is what they asked for: they wanted something low and slow, and you can’t get any lower or slower than a broke-ass Humvee pulling a 50,000 lb mass of stealthy dead weight on wheels.”


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That’s some quality reporter work there! :wink:

That was a good laugh !