F/A-18 sim on iOS? and it's good?

I just ran across this, and getting great comments from fellow flight simmers… good for the ol long trip or long bathroom get away?

Anyone here know about it or try it? Opinions?

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This is the first sim I used online with the first virtual squadron i joined ( the virtual VF-14 TOPHATTERS)…it was 1996/96 !!! …in that time it was the best of the best …great multiplay stability (on a 56k modem) and great flight model (on a Penthium 1 PC). From what i see from the clip in the site, is EXACTLY this one.

A review from those times

Ha…! Wow…that is a blast from the past. Graphsim - they made Hornet Korea too. I haven’t tried the iOS version…looks like an interesting promo they put together though…

Android master mobile race

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I have it and it is quite solid. Has essentially all of the features of the original Hornet 3.0 back in the day (or FA/18 Operation Iraqi Freedom, which was the last version of it sold sometime in the early 2000’s) It even has a skirmish mission generator where you can pick number of bandits, what airfields they come from, SAM’s etc. a 20 something mission campaign, and 2v2 multiplayer.

Overall I would say its worth it. Especially on an iPad.

I tried the free trainer version, brought back memories of Jetfighter IV, but I wished it wasn’t on my phone, would have preferred a desktop but that’s just me. Pretty surprised by the amount of systems modeled even if they are simple.

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Run it using Blustacks on your PC :slight_smile:

Or VM w/ Android Image and set Joystick input for Gyro Input.