F/A-18C Aux Release Enable?

Question: What does the Aux Release Enable switch (lower center pedestal, under the ECM/Dispenser switch, near the pedal adjustment lever) actually do?

I’ve searched, scoured the Hornet guides (both Chuck’s and ED’s) and cannot find the answer. Just curious, does anyone else know?

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From the Hornet NATOPS manual

Do you have the latest Chuck’s Guides Hornet manual (6 Jan 2023)? It’s in there as well. Page 42

Basically, it serves as a backup means to jettison hung stores when NORM does not work.

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It’s too late now for me to type ‘it enables the aux release’, but …

It enables the aux release!


Thanks Chaz! I did search both guides (and scanned through the NATOPS, but mines not text-searchable) and couldn’t find it. Appreciate it!

Just went back and looked again and it is in my copy of Chuck’s Guide (7/19/22), but when I searched it on my iPad it wasn’t working right for some reason. Weird! :man_shrugging: