F/A-18C Hornet: Planned Sensors & Weapons


This is the thing that some people just can’t get their heads around. Early Access is exactly that. So long as the product is advertised clearly as such, then there is no reason to complain. The only early access module where I feel I should have waited was the Hawk, but even then it wasn’t completely terrible.

I’m looking forward to all three of the big forthcoming modules. I will enjoy flying them on day one, and continue to enjoy them as they get upgraded going forward.


Interested to see where they draw the line on “finished enough” for early access. Plenty of people would have bought it in the E3 state. I pre purchased the Harrier, and I would be happy messing around in the version that is released to all the YouTube heroes, bugs included. Hell, I usually fly the modules that get updates in the patches to try the new features and fixes anyway.


I am right there with you, but ED does want what you get to be in decent shape, I dont think the E3 version was anywhere near where it needed to be as far as systems and FM, it was basically an fancy arcade shooter to, many many changes have been made since then. But I feel your Hornet needs :slight_smile:


I think the PC term is Early Access Denier (EAD) :smiley:


Yeah, the problem with unfinished software in general is that you have no way of knowing if they will finish it, or to what degree. It’s a bit like a crowdfunding that way.


Is there a PC term for us fanboi’s as well…? :crazy_face:

Always Returning Customer (ARC)?
Compulsory Module Buyer (CMB)?
Early Access Regular (EAR)?



As long as there’s a pond, a boat and a bug I’m sold :wink:


im most deff an EAR xD


While it’s true that some people seem to be too thick to grasp the concept that Early Access = Preorder + Alpha/Beta access, it’s also true that Steam is littered with developers who put a program out as EA and then fail to ever really get the product to release state. Or at some point they just quit and say “ok, THIS is the release build” even though it’s barely improved over the last few.

As a result, Early Access has gotten a bad rap overall even though it’s really mainly a few unscrupulous devs/pubs and some stupid consumers that have created that rep. Like with everything else in today’s world, a tiny minority can have a disproportionate impact by making their behavior stand out and push people’s buttons.

Personally, I will bite for EA when it’s something I have every intention of purchasing on release day, so getting it early (often with a discount) while it’s still being finished is fine. If it’s something I’m on the fence about, I don’t do it and I wait for the release. I buy it then if the reviews come out positive. If the release reviews aren’t good, I wait for patches/sales later on to make the product worth it to me.

I just don’t understand why this isn’t the pattern for ALL consumers. :thinking:


I totally agree with is release type.


FYI, a small update. The Mk-77 might get bumped back to later in EA, and not on release. The fact that the effects need to be created as well as the damage type probably means it wont make it.


Fine for me! :slight_smile:


I fly my Harrier
I turn to make a run
I pull a few G’s
This will be fun
Those troops won’t like it
When their temps get higher
Cause my Mk77
Ooooh, fire


My “Burn MF by Five Finger Death Punch” video is just gonna have to wait a little longer…


Ditto for my “Feuer Frei” by Rammstein video.


I’m far more excited Napalm will be modelled as it’s own thing rather than a generic HE explosion. That’s more than recompense for the delay.


This. So much this. Finally the simulation environment makes some steps forward.


Possibly being made in tandem with the BST Phantom.



“Outstanding, red team, outstanding. Get you a case of
beer for that.”


When when when is EA…? Hmmmmm?