F/A-18C Hornet: Planned Sensors & Weapons



There have been a lot of questions regarding what sensors and weapons will be available at the launch of the early access DCS: F/A-18C Hornet. This decision is based on balancing a great, first experience, while getting quickly into the hands of those prefer early access adoption. We realize that early access is not for everyone, but for many, it is. If you prefer a completed product, we ask that you wait for the final release. Take that time to monitor previews and early access reports to make an informed purchase.

We believe that starting with the more “simple” systems at early access roll-out allows a more shallow learning curve at the start. By then adding new systems gradually, it introduces the Hornet’s sensors and weapons in a more structured manner… much like what a real Hornet pilot goes through when learning the aircraft. This also allows us more time to fully develop the more complex systems in a way that delivers the most realistic experience possible.

Note that this is all very much subject to change for our mid-2000s F/A-18C USN Hornet.

A/A radar with RWS, STT, and ACM modes

Mk-82 series
Mk-83 series
Mk-84 series
CBU-99 and Mk-20 Cluster Bombs
BDU-33 Training Bomb
BDU-45 Training Bomb
2.75 inch rockets
5 inch rockets
20mm cannon
AIM-9L/M and CATM Sidewinder
AIM-7F/M/P Sparrow

Following the early access release, we plan to include many more sensors, weapons, and decoys for the final product. Please note that this list is also subject to change:

A/A radar with TWS, SCAN RAID, AZ/EL
A/G radar with MAP, EXP1, EXP2, EXP3, SEA, GMT, PVU, AGR, IRA, and TA
AN/ASQ-228 ATFLIR Targeting Pod
Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System (JHMCS)
AWW-13 Datalink Pod
AGM-45A/B Shrike
AGM-84D Block 1C Harpoon
AGM-65E Maverick
AGM-65F/G Maverick
Walleye I ER/DL
Walleye II ER/DL
GBU-10 Paveway II
GBU-12 Paveway II
GBU-16 Paveway II
GBU-24B/B Paveway III
AIM-9X Sidewinder
Mk-40 Destructor Sea Mine
Mk-63 Quickstrike Sea Mine
Mk-77 Fire Bomb





omg omg omg omg im soo happy and waiting for this !!! , Thanks for sharing @SiThSpAwN


Thanks @SiThSpAwN!

The attached images from the ED Forum post:




Absolutely Cleared Hot Debildawg



You guys could release this with nothing more than the internal gun, and so long as there’s a carrier to crash into, er land on, I’d be very, very happy for a long while.

This is all just icing on the Hornet cake.


I dont know for sure, but if I was a gambling man, I would say completed Carrier Ops wont make phase 1 of the release. I think they have some pretty lofty plans for Carrier Ops, and will take some time to bring to life.


I’m still very ok with this. I can get very creative in a pinch. :wink:


I hope basic Carrier Ops like the Su-33 will work, but really have no idea at this point.


I was kinda hoping we’ll at least get that at release, but I guess we’ll see at release.

Has there been any more talk about ground assets in the form of arresting wires and IFLOLS, for setting up field landing practices? I seem to remember reading something about that a while back.


No firm plans that I know of, but I would love to see it.



Seriously @SiThSpAwN, thank you so much for dropping in to keep us posted and answer questions!


You heard it hear first folks, a carrier version of the f-111 :wink:


F-(111 - 97)


I dont mind from time to time, until you guys scare me away again :wink:


Or if you are a hater, go buy the unfinished product and complain about it being…unfinished… :wink:

Seriously, this can’t be overstated!

I for one just love early access. I don’t mind that stuff is missing or not working. I play the hand I was dealt. There will still be enough bits and pieces to keep me occupied. As already mentioned, a bug and a carrier will go a long way. And watching the module grow as you go along is actually a bonus.

I know…I’m not everybody.


Agree with you 100% on all of this.


Interesting, thanks!

Will JDAMs have a new flight model? Any news on that? Or did they get it already and I missed it? Can’t test right now because my PC broke down.


Last I heard was A2G stuff was being worked on, but no update on that.


Great to have this open communication with the community,Thank You.