F/A-18C simpit

Hey all, I have been mostly posting on hornetpits.org forums. I recently created a youtube channel where you can see videos of my F/A-18C simpit progress. I thought some of you guys might be interested so here is the link to my channel:


I got a 404 on that link, but I had no problem finding your channel on YT after a quick search.
Looks really cool! Will browse through later. Got any pics?

Thanks! I’ll be adding more videos and pictures to the channel when I unbox more of my sim parts from moving boxes. I just moved to a new apartment.

404…that is weird. Does anyone else have problems with the link?

Wow, this looks really good.

If I may offer a suggestion, don’t add your intro to each video. They are quite short and after watching a dozen of them I found the intro a bit annoying. No offense, it’s a nice intro but for this type of channel I think it would be better to have just a logo, without sound, or somehting like that. Short and quiet :slight_smile:

I started to get annoyed by the intro too…lol. I added it to my video editor and it got added to every clip I uploaded. I’ll make a quick silent logo :slight_smile: Thanks for the suggestion.

Just watched a few of the vids - wow! High quality work! Maybe it’s in one of your video descriptions, but where do you get the panels and components (buttons/switches/lights/etc.)?

Thank you EinsteinEP! I made all of the backplates and some of the illuminated panels (the parts with text) myself. Some of the panels were CAD drawn by me and cut/engraved by my friend when he was working in a laser engraving company. Some panels are designed by me and ordered from frontpanelexpress. About 30% of the illuminated panels were made by Mike from viperpits.org, some illuminated panels I bought from unnamed F-18 replica part store (sanitized since some have had bad experiences with this store), some real parts are from local surplus store, 90% of the switches are real, big part of the fasteners and screws are real and about 90% of knobs are real.

By “real” I assume you mean from an actual F/A-18 as opposed to “not imaginary”. Where did you get those items? “Unnamed F/A-18 source?”

Well yes actual F/A-18 parts since the same switches are also used in some civilian aircraft. You can get the toggle switches from Digikey, Farnell etc. I got some of my switches from a scrapped airliner. There are only few weird parts in Hornet switch panels and those you can make those yourself. Examples would be rudder trim and bleed air switches. I managed to make those by modifying grayhill rotary switches and doing things like that.

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