F-Sim Space Shuttle 2 for iOS is out!

A must have for those who enjoyed the original.

This version has working flight instruments!
Not that you can take your eyes off the HUD, during the approach, but there is a Re-Entry mode coming later…

There is also an orbit mode. Choose your orbit and watch the planet spin by beneath you. Some very soothing music. Total relaxation…


Is there a Tommy Lee Jones pilot mod @Troll? :innocent:



The Orbit mode is just coasting around in…well, orbit. Nothing to do but thrusting around the orbiters axes and marvel at the planet. Really moody music playing in the background.

The English Channel, just beneath the cockpit.

Coming in over Denmark and Southern Sweden. F-Sim Space Shuttle 2 has terrain elevation and ortho map textures and it looks fantastic! At least for a mobile device…

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My favourite hotel room flightsimulator…

The Shuttle is such an awsome craft.

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