F1 (Film 2025)

Teaser is out :fire: Produced by Bruckheimer. Directed by Joseph Kosinski…. Bringing that Top Gun cinematography to the track.

Embedding blocked. Here’s a direct link


Loved the teaser! But Heatblur’s F-4 was ten times better. Also, did Steiner get flipped off? If I got that right it’s nice to see him in cameo. He was my favorite team principal in the Drive doc.


Yeah, looking forward to this one. Loved what Ron Howard did with Rush, but it’ll be interesting to see how they adapt the story of the life of a modern-day driver for a film with actual actors (they had plenty of practise inventing stories for Drive To Survive :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


F1 will probably be as entertaining to the F1 circus, as much as the TG series is to Naval aviation. But knowing how much effort and expense that the FIA puts into safety, the “who said anything about safe” comment lowered my expectations somewhat. I look forward to the film regardless.


Well to be fair, Maverick lost his qualifications as section leader 3 times, put in hack TWICE, with a history of high speed passes over 5 air control towers and one admiral’s daughter!..


Maybe the creators feel that without characters like Hunt, G. Villeneuve , Piquet, Mansell, or Raikkonen, there is a dearth of creative inspiration.

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