F14 Syria Tanker and Tacan - Not working

I can usually sort this myself but this one has me right now…

I do AR all the time, and in the F14B (just got the A and haven’t had time). On the Syria map, In the Tomcat the TACAN, when set to the tanker, always points to the carrier. Odd. Here’s the details:

Map: Syria

  • KC130, TACAN Ch1X. Correct unit in the ME box (Advanced WP action)
  • F14B/Client. Tell Jester to set the TACAN to TEXACO11, then AA mode (tried both AA and Transmit mode). Jump in the back and check that it is in fact set to 1X (not that I don’t trust him).
  • Carrier TACAN 72X

Needle/DME still point to the carrier, where I launched. Seems to only be with the F14B. Now, this is in a mission I’ve built with other stuff going on but I’ve double/tripled checked all the TACAN settings.

EDIT: When I put a Hornet in there (another Client) it works as designed.

Okay, think I’ve found the issue: I’m using VAICOM Pro and telling Jester to tune aTACAN, and he is, but he’s not changing the pilots TACAN, only his. What good is he? :slight_smile:

Carry on…I’ll not delete this as maybe someone else might make the same error.


Jester can’t change the pilot’s TACAN, afaik.

But the pilot can switch what is displayed on the left hand side right next to the pilot’s TCN controls (front or back TACAN source). It’s quite useful to switch between two stations.

Yeah, that’s what I got out of this, but, I assumed the aircraft only has 1 TACAN and Jester changing it, which it appeared he did (when I jumped back there to check after the command was given), should have been enough. But I have to change it up front to get it to work as expected. I dunno, it’s working, now, though.

I’m still not sure if you’re aware of the switch for the pilot:

#4 from the fine manual


There’s one TACAN radio with dual controls. The controls are not synched. You can tell Jester to dial in a certain TACAN but you have to set the above switch accordingly to make it work.

Yeah, saw that. I assumed it denotes who has control to change the TACAN; the one that doesn’t have control can’t change the number in the box. Haven’t really dug much more into this but, it really means the TACAN is only tuned to the channel corresponding to the pit with control of TACAN selection currently set, as in:

RIO TACAN set = Ch1, Pilot TACAN set = Ch2, TACAN CMD = pilot = TACAN is on ch 2.
RIO TACAN set = Ch1, Pilot TACAN set = Ch2, TACAN CMD = RIO = TACAN is on ch 1.

It seem something got wonky in the Mission Editor, for a Syria mission. The ME does strange things sometimes.

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