F16 to the rescue!




This just popped up on reddit so I don’t take credit for finding it but it’s interesting nonetheless.

How cool would an f16 look with blue lights flashing…


I was about to answer «that happened here in Norway too» :smile:


From the article…

“Usually we spend about 35 minutes in flight,” said Lt Col Kleppe. “But because of the special cargo, the pilot gave a little extra, so he was there in less than 25 minutes.”

…and broke every window along the way :open_mouth:

So @BeachAV8R, you need to get an F-16 too! :slightly_smiling_face:


If they started using F16’s for medical flights, I would almost certainly be looking to change my career path from corporate.


Pretty lucky for the civilian and great PR for the military. Win-Win :slight_smile:



Next is to deliver the medical equipment inside a GBU! That way they don’t have to waste time landing. :grimacing:


Get an American F16 to drop a Cbu and they could do multiple hospitals in one pass :joy: