F4AF Patch

Can anyone point me to a reliable place to download the old Lead Pursuit Falcon 4.0 Allied Force patches? Thanks.

Couldn’t test it right now but I think that’s where I got the patch from (years ago though)

EDIT: Old site, dunno if that one is working either:

EDIT: Or here:

I was able to get it from there. Thanks! I still play this one, pretty much plain vanilla except for some of Aeyes’ aftermarket cockpits.


The hires tiles were worth the price, although I don’t know if they’re still available.

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They actually are. I just never invested in them. The stock tiles were sufficient enough for me, but the black bars on either side of the monitor in the 2D clickable pit drove me absolutely nuts.

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I remember when it came out. It was summer, I have been in Ireland. I spent all my spare time in library on internet reading all the reviews, AARs and stuff.
I wanted so badly to play it. I never did. So saad… :disappointed:

Anyway the reviews were great, but the parody review was superb. So funny… :joy:

In the six years that have followed that initial release, much of the work that has developed Falcon into the different versions and combinations we see today has been the result of dedicated volunteers and pay add-on makers, many of whom have gotten much better with therapy. People who have contributed their time and efforts to make Falcon better than it was the day before, mostly before they discovered women. To them, the community owes much. A Yoda action figure is in the mail to those I could obtain an address for.