Falcon 4 BMS 4.33 Server

Are you a person?
Are you a person that likes flight simulators?
Are you a person that likes flight simulators that are almost two decades old?

Well then I’ve got good news for you! I’ve got an excessive amount of server lying around developing poor work habits, so I put it to work hosting a Falcon 4.33 Server with IVC.

It’s open to anyone, and it’s currently running Tiger Spirit. I’ll keep it running until the campaign is completed or Monday the 11th, which ever comes first. If it’s down before that, something probably broke, and feel free to let me know via pm or in this thread.

IP is

Have a Falcon Day.


Are you a person?


Are you a person that likes flight simulators?

OMG, yes!

Are you a person that likes flight simulators that are almost two decades old?


Sweet, looking forward to this. Anybody up for a Falcon weekend this weekend, to prep for the DCS Fly-In next weekend?


Yes i am up for it this weekend. I need lots of Falcon help. You know - the kind where I ask stupid questions ad nauseum until the other person in the channel mumbles something about having to make a phone call and goes away for two hours. Yea that kind of help.

Anyway, I got my controls all sorted, I can get get in, ramp start the jet (although I am working on being quicker about it), tune the radios and work with a few of the functions of the UFC / DED. I can take off, fly around and follow the steerpoints. But I hit the wall I always hit (everyone hits I guess) - the systems that are needed to be effective. The training doc looks good and the missions that go with it so I will start those this week.

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Man… I need more hours in the day (don’t we all?)…! I’m working this weekend, and I’ll have to scrounge up my install disk, but this is tempting.

@Tankerwade, I’m at the same place you are. I’ll have to see about also hopping in and getting educated this weekend!

Is there going to be an update of the server to 4.33 Update 1?

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IIRC a few of those can be flown two-ship in multiplayer. I need to work on HARM, AGM-65, JDAM and JSOW employment, and I’d like to actually get the hang of loft-releases, so I’m game for some confusion if you are.

I’ll worry about that once 4.33.1 is actually released.

Whoops, never mind. Yeah, I’ll update it at somepoint sooner rather than later.


4.33.u1 is OUT NOW


I need this training as well.

Server is updated to 4.33.1 and running again.

I restarted the campaign just to be safe.

Direct Input devices (joysticks, MFDs, boards etc.) can now be sorted to specific positions as desired via a new config file “DeviceSorting.txt” in the “User\Config” directory. That means even by unplugging stuff and replugging it, the DX button numbers won’t change anymore.

This file will be created automatically if it is not existing, and it will list all devices which are currently connected to BMS. If you want to change the device order, simply close BMS, edit the file with a text editor and copy/paste the lines in the file to your liking. Once the file exists, it will always be loaded and the order in there will be honored by BMS. If you connect a new device which is not listed in the file yet, it will be appended to the existing file without changing the specified order. Missing devices will be ignored.

The file simply consists of the GUID and the device name for each device, one device per line. Example:

{0400044F-0000-0000-0000-504944564944} “Thrustmaster HOTAS Cougar”
{B351044F-0000-0000-0000-504944564944} “F16 MFD 1”
{B352044F-0000-0000-0000-504944564944} “F16 MFD 2”

Note: you still have to ensure that all devices are plugged in! Example: you have one stick, and 2 MFDs, the stick usually has DX button number 0-31, the 1st MFD has 32-63, the 2nd MFD has 64-95. Now you start BMS while forgetting to plug in the stick… in this case, MFD1 will still move from 32-63 to 0-31 (and MFD2 moves accordingly). However - and that is the whole purpose of this patch - once you realize that the stick is missing, you can stop BMS, plugin the stick, and now it is guaranteed that the stick will be seen by BMS as button numbers 0-31 again. In summary: if you have a working DX button setup, it will never be “shuffled around” again like it used to.

Thank. Goodness.

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Gah dang-it! I just went through remapping all that stuff because it was all swapped! Like just finished 19 minutes ago :slight_smile:

Really enjoying 4.33 U1. Had to remap a lot of stuff but not I can actually use my rudders again! Before I was unable to because of how it recognized devices.

Definitely worth the update.