Falcon 4 BMS Videos

My Intel is from BMS forums and Discord.

Im quite sure that it will come sooner or later.

And there is been so much hints about new UI / terrain system that something big is again coming. Even 4.34 was awesome update, nice weather , better atc , new bvr Ai etc…

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That fills me with dread… I read that as ‘increased system specs needed’ and I don’t have 'em. This is the last modern flight sim I can play… :frowning_face:

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:slight_smile: One good thing of BMS Falcon is that’s scalable. I wouldn’t worry- worst case you just disable the new stuff and keep the previous version! :smiley:

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This is true! :grin:

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I like BMS. I haven’t really scratched the surface yet as I got going with it then completely wiped my pc due to problems with it. Now I have all the extra performance I have been putting in a lot of time with dcs again…but I really want to get stuck into the Dynamic campaign but I’m struggling to find time to learn another sim.
I’ve printed all the manuals and bound them up to look awesome and functional and have read through a couple but actually getting stick time is difficult with the tomcat calling me…its meow is so loud now it’s running smooth as silk

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Maybe start saving money?

Even if the BMS guys way up their system requirements, a machine that runs that should still be relatively cheap nowadays. You already have a working computer, so at worst you have to update the mainboard, CPU, RAM and GPU (and maybe the PSU depending on what you got right now). It sounds like a lot but i seriously doubt that the system requirements for BMS will go from a 2011 midrange PC to a 2019 high end machine.

Dude, if you don’t know the personal situation of someone - a response like that sounds needlessly snarky and condescending.

Don’t be that guy.


It was neutral comment , read again?

If i need something , i save money.

Sorry, cant understand how its bad ??

Do you know what Condescending means?

Sorry, not perfect English , im Finland …

Do you know what säästäminen means ?

That’s exactly my point- what you mean is different from what is perceived.
What people perceive from your message is a snarky and condescending attitude.

What I’m giving you is a hint to change tone, exactly because you don’t realize how you come off.

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So what , it was friendly suggestion.

Just stop. Please. We dont need this nonsense. Let’s talk about BMS some more.

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What I’m telling you - it 's not perceived as such.


@sobek and @Victork2
Don’t worry guys- I believe @haukka81 is being honest.
if he doesn’t perceive his behaviour I try to help.
My first years online (as an italian trying to speak english) were a mess of lack of respect and lacking Netiquette… so I can understand if he has diffuclties understanding the tone of his posts. :slight_smile:
We’re all friends here.


He he fighting Falcons…




Video showing off ATC in the latest version. Hopefully we will see this in DCS one day.


Yep, hopefully…someday. It would certainly add to the immersion in the sim. Can’t go wrong with that.