Falcon 4 BMS Videos

So I did a search of BMS videos on the website and didn’t come up with any. Figured since we’ve got a DCS Videos thread why not have a Falcon BMS Video thread. Was watching this guy’s video today and loved the action and perspective from the cockpit. He does a real nice job with his videos.


Yes! We certainly need more content from the “other” Viper sim.

Flown a lot of BMS and absolutely love it. I swear, when I took off in the DCS Viper for the first time (without clearance, obviously), out of habit I cringed, waiting for the “next time, wait your turn!” call. . . :grimacing:


Been watching Lorik’s videos for some time now and enjoy them very much. I also enjoy the videos from Unleashed Code, who often flies with Lorik and does his videos in a similar fashion.


Yep, same here. Watch his videos as well. There is also a Virtual Squadron I watch from time to time regarding BMS videos, 1st Virtual Squadron? They’ve haven’t put up much lately but their BMS stuff is fantastic! They also started doing some DCS but again, they haven’t been active lately.

One last one that comes to mind is I believe the 31st Virtual Squadron. They are Netherlands based I believe and they do some really good cooperative stuff with BMS. “Scooby” is one of the main characters in that squadron putting up videos. Really good stuff.

My favorite BMS video of all time:

And a not so distant second:


Different views of the same mission I believe.


Yep they are. Watched them last night. Great stuff.


Great idea @RedBravo65!
BMS is my only modern day flight sim on my current PC (DCS 2.5 wont run on it :frowning: ) and it’s still so good! And it has something DCS doesn’t, the dynamic campaign, and I still think it looks great. Not DCS level of graphics but still looks good.
I need to get back to re-learning it though as I haven’t flown in it for a few years and seem to have forgotten it all.

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Jeezus— now I want to reinstall it again.
I swear… starting on the apron, following the ATC, feeling all the comms from the automatically generated OOB flights, the whole shebang of troops fighting on the gorund, fleets, AWACS, refuelers…

Still today that engine is such a great achievement…
Just imagine the integration of that with CMANO! :smiley:
Or CMANO with DCS, with Steel Beasts… :star_struck:


It has realistic radio now with 4.34 so you have to manually change frequency to communicate with ATC, AWACS, different packages etc. :slightly_smiling_face:
Yeah, a complete digital battlefield would be amazing.


So much goodness in such an old sim! :slight_smile:
I think I even flew the F4 Phantom II and the A10!
Or was it the Harrier?

Admittedly those are re-skin of the F16 2D cockpit with a reworked Flight model but it was still decent enough! :smiley:

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Yeah and now has naval ops and F/A-18 and other aircraft but yeah they are reskinned Vipers :slight_smile:

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Before the DCS hornet was good enough! :smiley:

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This was already in 4.32. With 4.34 you have to switch freqs to contact ground, tower, departure, approach basicallly whole comm ladder.

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And best part :

VR support is coming in 4.35 least if all what i heard is true :slight_smile:


Wait, WHAT?! Oh boy oh boy!

I’m going back to Korea baby!


Nothing 100% sure yet and it will take time.

But 2-4weeks like always in falcon :slight_smile:


If true that’s some major pressure on ED to release their dynamic campaign. I’d switch to BMS in a heartbeat and reduce my DCS spend by alot alot.

Where did you hear that? Tell me, tell me NOW!!!

Seriously, I’ve seen rumors and hopes on the BMS forum, but nothing concrete enough to actually think it was being worked on. VR is really the only thing missing from BMS, it’s got practically everything else you could possibly want in a modern jet sim.

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