Falcon 4 on GOG Q?

Just bought and installed Falcon 3.0 from GOG… in the goodies it says Falcon 4, which I installed… but not seeing how to play it, Falcon 3.0 works but no option for 4… anyone got an answer for this? Thanks.

The installer should create all the shortcuts in the desktop.
If it doesn’t appear you can still find it in the Start menu, programs, GOG.COM (or something like that… depends on your windows version).

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Ya, thanks… checked, no go… not even in the file explorer… no sign of Falcon 4 anywhere on my PC, I’ll ask GOG.

It’s under Falcon Gold’s Extras tab for me. 367MB download.

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Wait, I though he said he installed it already…

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I did, I saw it under extras, installed it but not can’t find it to start it.

Are you sure you have run setup_falcon_4_2.0.0.1.exe file downloaded from GOG? The installer should create shortcut for Falcon4 on your desktop no matter where you have installed it.

No, can’t find anything related to Falcon 4.0… in the goodies I see it listed, I clicked on it, it shows downloading/installing in the GOG app for about 10 seconds, which is how long it would take with my 300+ MB/S download speed. But then never see any shortcut or exe.

Ah, I manually downloaded the extra from the GoG website and installed to a preferred location, then ran it from the install folder.

Got it! and it’s awesome… such a flashback, haven’t played since before the Janes days… was in my Falcon 3 keycard zip, go figure.

I’ll research it, but any mods to clean up the looks, high res or higher resolution? Don’t want to change it too much, do want to play it for the nostalgia.

Eh, that’s tough.

AFAIK you only have two choices… play it Vanilla or install a total mod.
Easiest would be “Allied Force” that would both clean it up and make it “more stable”
The best (albeit easy to install but HARD to master) solution - results wise- would be BMS.

BMS is free, where “Allied Force” is commercial software, boasts an immense amount of improvement under every aspect- from graphics to flyable planes- and it’s the de facto most stable release of Falcon 4.0 ever.

Sorry for the mini Wall’o text.


BMS is amazing. You’ve gotta try it.


Concur. Your best bet is BMS 4.33. Nothing else comes close.


Allied Force although may be considered as a mod is in fact a standalone release. It does not installs on top of Falcon 4.0. It’s not available as a digital download AFAIK but as Komemiute said it’s probably most stable release version of Falcon 4.0 (though recent BMS comes close - personally I had no issues with both).

There were many mods for original Falcon 4.0 - some of them merged into bigger mod-packs like SuperPak or FreeFalcon, some were mods built for other mods - like BMS initially (1 and 2). Nowadays you have only one remainng mod which is still being worked on - BMS in its current version 4.33.x. Mind you that compared to stock Falcon 4.0 it’s completely different beast.

To depict Falcon 4 mod history here’s a handful chart (not up-to-date)


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Holy cow that graph brings back some memories :salute:

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