Falcon 4 on GOG Q?

Why? BMS is so near-perfect, nothing else rates anymore.


I like retro :slight_smile:

Does BMS still require a copy of F4?

To my best recollection, yes.

Yes it needs to be installed but purely for licensing purposes.

The BMS program doesn’t use it and it totally standalone otherwise.

This just in…

Not a huge surprise. Falcon 4 is now on Steam.


Called it…

EDIT: so obviosuly the next step is supporting BMS with all the source code available. Which is probably the main problem. How much source code do MicroProse still actually has/can scrape from the archives?

That said it definitely makes possible for BMS to be hired as external team and get access to a larger pool of people to (for example) finally normalize all the models that still looks like out of Falcon 3.0 polygon-wise…

The real question is… What next?

Build another Falcon from the ground up and go directly against DCS? Unlikely.

So something more light hearted, a sim-lite like IL2 Battles but modern? Weird but why not.

Keep on piling up stuff over BMS? If I had to guess real money, I’d bet on this horse


I agree with the italian.


That’s dangerous, man.

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I surrender! You win! :white_flag:

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BMS has to have “all the source code”, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to build it, unless some stuff is in separate dlls that they can’t compile themselves (i highly doubt it).

I don’t know the specifics, but if MicroProse owns all of BMS’ additions to the code and are allowed to use that in a commercial product, then BMS would be the biggest chumps in the business. I find that HIGHLY unlikely.

If you ask me, they want the rights to the franchise and to coast on BMS’ success while they’re at it. We’ll see what their “support” is actually worth.


The Entire Source code was leaked, and is still available as of this morning from the same repo.

$50 BMS will be acquired by MP.

What MP Doesn’t have is all the changes made after that code was leaked, and after they sold off Falcon License.

So 1.08 Onward, as the lease was the last 1.07 revision.

Also means anything changed in Allied Force was not part of the leak, no

Unless Re-acquisition gives MP All the Things developed through version 1.0.14 (.14 was never released).


Here’s what BMS says about it.

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I thought about that too, but there’s no possible way. I mean, sure they can try to hire some talent, but they’d have to start from scratch with 1.08 or Allied Force and they’d never be able to aquire the whole team, let alone own any of the stuff BMS has done after 1.08.


Source code for 1.08 wasnt published.

But seeing as Falcon 5.0 has been Registered as well.

They likely didn’t Purchase the License, it defaulted back to them after Restroism’s term ended, since Lead Pursuit is no more.

They likely just want to push BMS because BMS requires a Falcon 4.0 Copy, which since they own it again, they would get revenue from.


This makes sense. Especially if, Micropose would seed BMS with one, or more, full time devs to assist their work.

Yeah, my bad.