Falcon BMS 4.33 Balkans "Enjoying the View"

Hi Everyone,
I’m starting a new series of our flight sessions in the new updated Falcon BMS 4.33 !
This time its going to be the Balkans theater when we start our first major attack on the enemy. hope you all enjoy and please let me know if you find this a good series and i will keep those episodes coming, so leave me a comment\reply.

Mission Description:

2 elements, 2 ship each on a DEAD Strike in the Balkans campaign.

USAF started the attack and our job is to clear the way for our bombers by doing a DEAD strike and taking out enemy air targets.

Credits: Mamba, Fishbed, OZ, Ocelot and Esonub (Myself)


Hi guys only a day after releasing the first episode in the Balkans campaign here is the second episode.

2 element 2 and 3 ship.

Ocelot, Me ( Esonub) and mamba Stike element, Oz and Fish as Escort.

Target is an airfield in deep enemy territory.

For those with not time and want to get straight into the action the action starts in 18:00