Falcon BMS 4.33

Thanks Brix. Cleared up the missing controller issue.

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One thing I don’t think has been said is that with the latest update, BMS assigns unique controller IDs for devices. So, in theory, gone are the days of remapping controllers once you map them. Start up without something plugged in? No big deal! Doesn’t mess with your bindings!

As someone who started with a prebuilt config and then had to hand bind most HOTAS functions because a previous version rebound almost everything to OBS buttons, this has been a welcome change.

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I have complained - though my frustration is that if you build a new PC, reinstall your O/S or have to plug the controller into another USB slot than the one it was in when you assigned it, you have to do it all again.

If you keep exactly the same config (hardware) it’s fine. But who does for any length of time? I certainly don’t - though I have been trying to after the last couple of times I had to reassign 6 controllers for 28 aircraft.

Anyway, OT - I do wonder if the BMS config couldn’t be made a lot more user friendly.

How could the software know what you would have assigned, those are files kept in the local OS structure, which either doesnt exist or what you destroy when installing. You can just back them up yourself you know, right?

I do back them up - have done from the start, but that still takes over an hour to reassign the profiles when reinstalling.

What I found was that under several different circumstances, the number in curly brackets after the name of the controller (in the DCS World controller assignments GUI) changes.

I originally thought this was fixed and was the ID of the controller - but I think it is actually the ID of the USB socket, and that’s why it can change (this is guesswork, but can’t see another reason why it would change).

If you have everything the same as before, the assignments will be automatic - you just copy your profile into the new profiles folder and you’re sorted. However, if that number ID has changed, DCS World sees it as a different controller and you get the default assignments - even if you copy in your old profile.

One quicker way is to see what the new IDs are and rename all your profiles to the new one, so they will be recognised and loaded correctly in the various modules, but again, it’s an extra hassle.

I covered DCS here:

I think the IDs in curly brackets are assigned by the operating system. Hence on a different OS installation, same device gets new ID. On the same installation, it will keep the ID no matter which USB port you plug it in to (which is the real benefit from the state before ED and other developers adopted the device ID idea).

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Yeah - I was just off having a look and comparing it to my older backups and I see that they all have the same number.

So it will be whenever you do a reinstall of the O/S - which makes sense, as that’s the time it has always frustrated me!

My issue w/ BMS is lack of VR and some of the users online seem to think they are the master race of flight simmers…


I think simmers in general seem to have larger than normal egos, but yeah, BMS and X-plane seem to be the worst (and a few years back VATSIM UK was dreadful with it)

It’s still on my HD and I play it often. Besides being my favorite airplane, is multi-role, and has a dynamic campaign.

Not many other sims can claim that.

After two hours of tweaking and text editing, the dirty deed is done and I can once more BMS.


Fly it often, online and offline. Quite proficient. If anyone wants trainin hops shoot me a PM.

I wish I have more time for this… I played it last time looong time ago

Is there a terrain that looks the “best”? Or are they all of similar quality. So far the cities and the water look the worst, just flat sat imagery. Sorry I missed the heyday of BMS, experiencing it for the first time several years too late.

There are some, like Ostsee, that have their cities completely made from 3D objects, and most map objects made in 3D. However, there isn’t anything really that can compete with the modern flight sims. DX7 really shows in BMS, although they made it look as nice as they can, given the limitations.

Does anyone use Ostsee? I downloaded it, but didn’t come with a instruction pdf. If someone could post the theater.lst file, i think thats what im missing.

Bms is now using dx9.

I have the INSTALL instructions from his first release. Would that help?

Can anyone tell me if there is a difference in the start-up routine between 4.32 and 4.33?

Have no problems starting my F-16 in 4.32, as ever, but I’ve never been able to start it in 4.33 - the engine just refuses to fire up. Has been that way since release.

There are lots of differences but I cannot recall any that apply specifically to your problem. However, the issue I am guessing has to do with the keyfile you are using as default. Check your setup and see if you are using BMS.key or some other. It doesn’t really matter but you do need to be sure which key combo puts the throttle in IDLE and that can be different depending on the *.key. I didn’t have a problem with the F-16 when I upgraded to 4.33 but I DID have the problem when I tried the new F-18. It turned out that I was using ALT-J (I think…its been months since I have run BMS) instead of the current combo.