Falcon BMS 4 screenshots (2022)

Do you like night missions in Falcon BMS? I like it! It’s probably destiny but when we fly campaigns in Falcon BMS, we always spend a lot of time at night missions. :sweat_smile:

Photos from Falcon BMS 4.35 Balkans Theater

Before take off flight leader plan steerpoints, targets and also specify which concreate AI flight will attack on concreate target steerpoint as primary/secondary, which AI flight will provide air cover, etc.
Of course before we can save datacatrige and continue with ramp start, we need to draw coast line + border line with other state and also line where our ground units are concentrated to avoid attack on them during flight (secondary targets are always tanks and mechanized battalions which are usually in contact with our ground units) and of course we must mark threads like AAA and SAMs circles, eventually setup target sterpoints directly to SAM fire radar, or any other valuable / backup targets specified by flight leader.

Take off!

These 2 photos are with my element leader on the left position (with and without NVG), as you can see when element leader say command “Fence in” navigation lights are turn off and without NVG (depends on wheather conditions during night) could be really difficult to follow your element leader in close formation.

All preparation before flight can be seen on right MFD (HSD)

BTR mechanized battalion under attack. Due to strong AAA over Balkans is deck always setup on 20000 ft as min. - radar altitude (do not forget on hills!).

Target destroyed!

Landing, unfortunately runway isn’t illuminated (only white lights on beginning of runways are visible - probably bug) therefore I used NVG to make sure.

Well not too much better then without NVG :sweat_smile:



On a SAM hunt over the Balkans

Take off!

Element leader

Maneuvering, SA-6 twice firing at me!

Good work, SAM neutralized by Harm

Alternate targets

Do you see explosion on left side? It one of us, who forgot on rule: deck is always 20000 ft min (radar altitude) and due to hills over Balkans AAA shot downed him.

High altitude on the way to home


Evaluation Poor even if I did the best what was possible in my hunter role. Unfortunately one pilot of our flight was shot down, therefore score is like is.


Looks like you were flying interdiction with GBU’s? It’s honestly been so long since I flew F4, does it have CBU-103’s or the non wind corrected CBU-87’s (or similar)?

First mission yes with JDAM, second with JSOW or HARM. Reason why GBU and not CBU is fact that moving targets are easy to kill by GBU, even if navigated by GPS or laser. We are not using often CBUs, if you want to primary destroying safety AAA threat in mechanized or tank battalion like ZSU 23-4 Shilka.

@Rapier, great stuff! But in my humble opinion, they belong in the “Screens and AAR” thread instead of a fresh thread with a generic title. Pedantic, I know but it helps people years down the road when searching for specific information.

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great reports. never managed to learn F16 myslef. reinstalled BMS just recently but apart from few quick hops didnt get anywhere either.

I am stuck in WWII / Korea era plus some helo ops. and GA / helo stuff for the civi sims.

@smokinhole I think @Rapier have it OK. mods just needs to add ‘… screenshots (2022)’ to the thread title and we are all set.


peeerfect :slight_smile:

Some photos from Falcon BMS 4.34 when we flew campaign over Izrael.

Compare night mission from this theater with condition over Balkans. Big difference, I would said. :slight_smile:

Mission: Destroy terorist training camp.

Taxiing on runway. I like F-16 Sufa but you must be very carefully on the take off because Sufa is really HEAVY!

Airborne! One of us forgot on fact how much heavy of SUFA can be during take off, especially with full load.

Searching for targets

Targets destroyed!

Me over Suez canal.


Mission finished



I really like Izrael theater. Look on these photos.

Here is my air kill, only one during whole campaign.
Mission: attack on enemy airport

Take off! Don’t forget SUFA is always heavy!

Enemy detected. Necessary to use zoom on radar to split targets with my element leader.

Air target hit!

After attack ground targets

Time to go home! Sunrise.

Follow leader to landing


Not bad. :sweat_smile:

Sierra Hotel


Yesterday we started new camping in different theater: Taiwan. It was my premiere in Falcon BMS 4.36 also. First mission in new campaign.

Mission: destroy (SAM) cruisers

Looks simply but unfortunately cruisers on this battlefield are US capabilities, not like Chine’s cruisers. So, targets were really hard to strike. South and north of Taiwan is also occupied by Chines and there was SA-17 near to our home airport. So, two of us were shot down before they had a chance to use their HARMs.
We others released airport in low level flight and then try to use AGM-65G Mavericks to strike naval cruisers. How naive we were!

Two Mavericks are not enough to sink the cruiser and they had really strong defense capabilities. All of us were shot down soon without any warning.

Next time we will fly low-level only, about max. 50 ft over sea then we do pop up and will try to use Mk.84 bombs or GBU bombs targeted by laser to destroyed them. Hopefully.

Briefing. Preparation before flight.

SA-17 range

Ready for taxiing.

This fire and smoke is one of us. SA-17 shot down him almost immediately.

Take off!

Low level flight, deck is 500 ft maximum

We rise up to flight level altitude

Uncage, Mavericks are RDY, new AG radar

Naval cruiser’s Air Defence in action



Today Taiwan coop mission

Lighting effects


Su-33 shot down

Sukhoi on fire


Weather and lighting effects