Falcon BMS dynamic campaign tips and tricks

For everybody who is interested in flying and winning a campaign in Falcon BMS, I highly recommend see following videos.
This is also a great opportunity to understand how to real-time dynamic campaign engine works.

Falcon BMS 4.35 Campaign Tutorial [ Part 1 ] - YouTube

Falcon BMS 4.35 Campaign Tutorial [ Part 2 ] - YouTube

Dynamic Campaigns - Part 1 - Introduction - Aggregation and Deaggregation - Types of DCs - YouTube

Dynamic Campaigns - Part 2 - Falcon 4 - YouTube

Dynamic Campaigns - Part 3 - Thunder: The True Origin of Falcon 4 Campaign - YouTube

Falcon 4 BMS - Campaign Priorities - YouTube


Fascinating viewing! Thanks for sharing.

I want to get into the Falcon BMS campaign again, now that VR is implemented and the bugs worked out. Just need time to do so. Has anyone here had any experience playing a MP campaign in F4/BMS?

Sure, I usually play only the MP campaign in BMS. What would you like to know?

How stable is the multiplayer? Any big issues with playing the campaign that way?

As far as I know, a multiplayer campaign in BMS is stable. We usually fly with 4-8 people without any issues.