Falcon BMS will be back online soon

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4.33.1 will be available for download soon. Changes on the non-gameplay side of things are the display of the marks of the new copyright holders ( Tommo games, Retroism ) instead of the old ones and the fact that it DRM’s a bit more aggresively if you own a legit copy of the game.

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Good news - it’s a great mod. Glad it works with the new Steam version of Falcon 4 too - that will help a lot of people rather than ebay’ing for disks. I guess the only downside is that disk space of F4 (while it isn’t used) is taken, but better than not having BMS around…

Seems relevant:

Seriously though, glad to know you can pick it up on steam now.


You’re right @boomerang10. BMS is or was only a single “cease and desist” letter away from being killed off. And even then I still don’t quite like it that that publisher is going to rake in the money on what the guys over at BMS have made. But it’s good news that BMS can continue on mostly as normal. One of the few modern combat flight sims we have left has been preserved today, I’ll happily drink one on that.

@fearlessfrog The minimalistic install is only 150MB or so :stuck_out_tongue: This game is from another era, I think the PC my household had back then only had 2-5GB of HDD space.

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Oh wow - thanks, I didn’t realize it was that small. The next graphics card I want has 16 GB of memory, so that does sound reasonable :smile:

few hundred MB, insignificant.

I think I still have it installed from when I was comparing vanilla to BMS 432

Good news. Although it means I really have to search for my install disc now, because when I installed BMS years ago I just copied the exe from the disc, like many others. :smiley:

…or maybe I’ll just buy it on Steam, it is 10 bucks.

Haven’t played it in a while though, because the controller setup is a nightmare. :frowning:

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My F4 Discs are Preserved, Along with all my Jane’s, Early EA and other Spectrum Holobyte Sims.
(I Still got all my F3.0 Floppies!, lol)

I think I’ll Nab Steam Copy, that way I can run Falcon AT without ripping out the old IBM AT Machine, lol.

Either way, $10, Chump Change for me… Any Game less than a GB is insignificant, the last 5 games I’ve purchased were 25+GB. lol

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Seems it’s on sale right now? I’m showing it for 6.99 currently.

The package of Falcon, F4, F4 AT and F4 Gold is $9, Falcon 4 on its own (for BMS) is $5 usually without a sale I believe.

Only thing that irks me is the licensing changes seem like a bit of a money grab by Tommo, -which is well with their right -but it seems unfair to the BMS team for them to swoop in and reap all the benefits of their dedication. But i suppose if Tommo recognizes the mod as the moneymaker for the F4 franchise, hopefully they will be supportve of the BMS team.

Not trying to start a discussion on ethics, just my observation. Glad F4 is readily available now too, with all the other hoops you have to jump through to get BMS up and running, having to track down a working copy of F4 would have been a deal breaker for some people I’m sure.

I agree @Kombat_Karl, it’s an odd one - in that I went through a couple of stages on this, as in:

  • Tommo gets all the Falcon 4 purchases money = :expressionless:

  • BMS get no money, when actually this is the thing that people actually want to play = :frowning:

  • Tommo were the ones that invested/paid the money in the old IP, and that has value, so do deserve something = :confused:

  • BMS was not a clean start, but this at least allows the project to exist and continue on a better legal footing = :smile:

So basically, my face went :expressionless: :frowning: :confused: :smile: in about 5 seconds of hearing the news.

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Assumptions, unless stated publicly. Who knows what the relationship actually is I applaud everything that BMS has accomplished. but lets not pass judgement on one party or the other without all of the facts being revealed.

The BMS group have said many times they are volunteers, not paid and doing it for the love of F4.

You think they are being paid now, as that seems a bigger assumption to make?

I’m just trying to work out where you think the assumption is. The BMS statement and the transfer of IP to Tommo was all clear and public record.

Good points ff. For sure Tommo benefited greatly from the BMS development. However at some point Tommo made a business decision to invest in Microprose’s work. Hopefully the outcome will be minimal expense for an end user license, with continued development by BMS. The alternative might be something like FSX licensed to Lockheed Martin resulting in a $200 flight sim, stable as it is.

Falcon Collection is $2.49 on Gog.com this weekend…



The ever evolving history of Falcon that even Hollywood couldn’t write.

Be sure and zoom in on this:

So glad BMS got an agreement going and that it will go forward with blessing if the IP holder.