Fallout 4 Release

So my preloaded copy unlocked about 10pm last night, which I think was early as so much VPN’ing to Easter Island was going on they probably gave up on the rolling release.

Not a huge mega fan or anything, but will post some more screens and perhaps an AAR later. It is the sort of thing that has spoilers usually, so I might wait at least a few days.

Anyone play it yet and what did you think?

PS You can mark spoilers in posts like this:

[spoiler]It was an inside job![/spoiler]

It was an inside job!

Trying to convince the girlfriend to let me get this. Shouldnt be to hard since I was going to get Battlefront next week but think I will get this instead.

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I’ve not played any of the Fallout games - so I’m not too familiar with any of the concepts - but it has had a HUGE rollout this last few weeks huh? I guess it’s up there with the Half Life series in regards to fan dedication and stuff…

I really enjoyed Oblivion (despite having to grind those gate things, it was how I pictured Morrowind upgraded), wandered around in the snow in Skyrim and blew up a town in Fallout. One of my kids is mad about them, in that she just enjoys the adverture/freeform nature of them - played for a year and never did the main quest.

They are today’s adventure games I guess. People could put themselves on a sliding scale depending on how old they are and when they jumped in.

Quick pop quiz!

(a) What are these games and (b) which one was your first adventure? :smile:











If anyone gets them right then the prize is 1 hour outside, although graphics are dependent on your local devices.

1: zork
2: ZX spectrum
3: Zork III: Dungeon master
4: The secret of monkey island
5: Ultima underworld
6: Baldur’s gate II
7: Myst
8: Eye of the beholder
9: Elder scrolls: daggerfall
10: Elder scrolls: Morrowind.

So whats my prize? :stuck_out_tongue:

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8.5/10 - that’s very good, we must both be getting pretty old! :smile:

My UK bias shows on (2) as not sure if it was out much internationally, so is a tricky one. Answer is below

[The Hobbit (1982). For (3) you got it half right, as it was Dungeon Master but not the Zork one.

Oh wow…I didn’t know a single one of those!

Is this @Magnum50 ?

Edit - Can’t be…doesn’t look warm enough…


I dont think he has a PS4 either.

This list is severely lacking in the SpaceQuest department. :wink:

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No PS4… and I am no longer on the road, after 20+ years on midnight shift… I am heading into retirement on the boat as a marine unit… :wink:


Also needs moar King’s Quest.

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