Far Cry 5

Out on Tuesday, I’ve got it pre-loading on PS4 as I type. Looks pretty good this time around as I wasn’t that interested in the setting of 4, liked Primal but 5 looks far better and the cult theme should be interesting :grinning:

Anyone else getting it?

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Haven’t played a Far Cry game since Far Cry 2. Primal looked like it was at least interesting and something different.

I enjoyed Far Cry 3 and especially Blood Dragon, got Far Cry 4 but it was basically the same as 3 only in different setting. I passed on Primal after that. Might get the new one though.

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Really enjoyed the characters in far cry 3, especially the main villain. The story in that game is worth the price of admission to me. Haven’t messed with 4. Probably follows the same pattern of climb stuff, unlock viewpoints, liberate areas, repeat. Despite all of this FarCry 3 has a great story.

Everyone bagged on Primal, but I liked that the developer actually tried something different and didn’t follow the formulaic pattern of all the other games. Far Cry doesn’t look appreciably different in gameplay as 4, which really didn’t stray much from 3. I get a winning tradition, but it’s nice when people try something new.

Loved FC1 and have FC3 in the library but never played it. Collecting leaves is not my bag :slight_smile:

I enjoyed FC1 but it degraded after the giant mutants became the norm. I loved Far Cry 2 and the setting, I think it looked gorgeous and the gameplay was fantastic although flawed. Far Cry 3 I only played 2 years ago but enjoyed quite a bit ,although my interest stopped on the second island.

Far Cry Primal looked interesting and I know a game reviewer/podcaster(Crate and Crowbar) really enjoyed it and thought some of the elements were really interesting so that’s on my list still. 5, I am not sure about yet. I suppose I’ll wait it out a little.

Found this and having actually loved FC2 found it interesting…

No intention to disrespect- just prop some discussion.


Far Cry 5 has without a doubt the dumbest, most unnecessarily stupid, poorly constructed story I have ever seen in a video game. It’s tonally disconnected with the game, mechanically it draws players out of the world rather than drawing them in, and it’s written like a poorly formatted James Bond x Fargo mashup.

The gunplay is nice, I actually kind of like the buddy system, but all of that is hamstrung by the fact that every forty five minutes some ass hat whackjob kidnaps me and waxes poetic in faux platitudes about how we’re not so different, we don’t need to be enemies and what if they’re right?!?!?!?!.

If you’re on the fence about the game, wait for a sale. A rather significant one. Far Cry 3 was stupid fun. This game doubled down on the stupid and left out the fun.


Far Cry 5 sounds every bit as bad as I envisioned. Hard pass.

I may even purchase Far Cry 2 for my old PS3.

aaaaaaaaaand the ending was even worse.

Glad I went with the PS4 remasters of the LEGO Harry Potter games.

I burnt out on it quite quickly. Cleared the first area and then really couldn’t be bothered…the above criticisms are valid. The Vietnam DLC is quite good but largely just clearing out outposts. 3 is still the best for me.