Farming Simulator 2022 Launch Error

Hi Guys. A friend suggested I play Farming Simulator 2022. Bought it, installed it, and it won’t start. If I try to run it many times, it gives error 0xc000007b. Has anyone had this happen? I would be grateful for any help.

Hi. Try updating your video card drivers. Google tells me it’s driver related. Also, check if you have Microsoft Visual C++ and DirectX 11 or higher installed on your computer.


You can also try to change the game.xml file version of DirectX from the 12th to the 11th. I at one time helped. Here are instructions how to do it If not in your case it will not work, you can try another turn off your antivirus, completely remove the game, clean the registry and install again, and try to run FS 22 with disabled antivirus. It can also be that antivirus blocks the game.

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Seems very realistic to me.

Times I’ve needed the tractor and gone to start it to find a problem. Usually dead battery, no fuel, or the hydraulics get an issue.

Don’t get me started when animals are involved. At least it’s only a failure to start. You’ve not got sheep finding silly ways to die every five minutes.

I’ve not helped much have I?

Lambing finished now, so the mood is lightening. Baaaa :sheep:


I believe this is a .net, c++ or direct x issue.

If on steam it maybe worth verifing the files.

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Thank you everybody for your help.

Tried reinstalling all those Microsoft libraries first. The result was the same - the game would not start.
Sziiizn’s advice helped. I read this article, changed the numbers to 11 in file game.xml in the line renderer>D3D_12, restarted the PC and the game started. Thank you very much and everyone who tried to help.

keets, cheered up :joy: Thank you.