Feeler - Black Shark campaign idea for Normandy...

Hey guys,

Before I surface it more on ED Forums with an appropriate poll I thought I’d ask good people on Mudspike what they think… so here we go:


10 June 1999. Russian Federation is sending a number of aircraft for the famous Le Bourget Paris air show, which is also widely regarded as a place where lots of trade deals are being made. Among other aircraft (like MiG-29s and Su-30, one of which will have a bird strike on June 12th, as it happened in real life) there are four new attack helicopters, Ka-50s that are going to perform a live - fire demonstration on the sidelines of the air show.

The advanced base is set up north of Paris in Normandy, where last test - flights are going to take place before the big show. Luck has it that these are being performed at the same training range as a new advanced French radar / antimissile system (which would be relevant for what happens next).

During one of the sorties a violent thunderstorm breaks out. Just before landing the lightning bolt strikes the French installation which erupts in a fireball. The Ka-50s momentarily loose their nav systems and a few moments later warning panel turns into a Christmas tree.

Mission ends and new one loads - the helicopters are in the air at the exactly same spot as before, but on 10 June 1944, during an ongoing air battle between American and Nazi forces…

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So yes, the idea would be to transfer a limited number of assets back in time. I’ve heard so many DCS players talking about “what if” scenarios that I believe that would be something many would really like to see.

This would also enable lots of very nice features and missions. What would seem to be an overkill at first quickly could change into a very interesting and demanding scenario. Imagine that the Russian outpost with limited forces and ammo, 4 Ka-50s and perhaps some Mi-24s / Mi-8s (for expanding the campaign) and small detachment of ground forces shows up on a map in the middle of the Nazi - controlled territory.

First few missions would be about stoping an angry German advance. Then trying to do some recon, find the positions of US troops, trying to get there and make contact. Then another set of missions while working together to make a corridor between the outpost and main D-Day force. And finally cooperation in doing some strikes behind enemy lines, working with Russian special troops acting as spotters etc. The possibilities are countless.

Also, that would solve an issue of not having any NAV aids that otherwise would be difficult to explain. And could be very interesting if player was given some detailed maps and asked to do a navigation based on landmarks / directions / distances.

All that against a well-researched historical background about unit strengths and movements in that period of time.
I think the campaign could be very engaging danger - wise, as German AAA would still be quite deadly, encounters with FW-190s and Me-109s interesting (though I have no experience here, I know that meeting with Ka-50s even in F-15 can end badly for me, so I think it should be quite fun).

Now I see only two real cons:

  • DCS users like things realistic. So don’t know what the reaction would be like.
  • It would require Ka-50, Normandy + WW2 assets… but then, if I had a good campaign like this for A-10 released by someone I would quickly buy the WW2 stuff even if I wasn’t into that period.

Looking forward to hearing what you think!



Oh. Hell. YES.

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That sounds really fun and creative! I’d totally be up for it!

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As a huge fan of The Final Countdown, I love this idea! Have you thought at all about how to address concerns that may be raised among our time travelers about changing history, or what kinds of terrible things could happen if a Shark goes down and is captured by either side?


“Hey, you guys are from Future Russia?”
“Yes- yes we are.”
“Huh, that’s a funny looking flag. I thought you guys had a red backdrop with a hammer and sickle. That looks like your old tricolor!”
“When are you from again?”


Definitely. There are so many different scenarios that could be envisaged I don’t know where to start.

As for your suggestion: possibility of branching campaign in several places. If a BS is shot down, you will be have to play the mission in which you’ll be tasked with blowing to pieces whatever is left.

But there are lots of interesting aspects: after hooking up with Americans or Brits (which in itself would require a few sorties) things like radio compatibility, ensuring supply of ammo for the cannon (or rockets), very cautious use of guided AGMs, deep interdiction strikes, no GPS (so relying only on INS or navigating using landmarks) etc. Lots of things to think of!


I like these ideas - this would be a LOT of fun! I’m imagining the ammo issues without result in a lot of missions potentially being recon or scouting, and possibly even more night action?

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Take this:
Watching through the targeting pod monitor (Shkval?) an American Unit (make it the Red Ball Express) getting slaughtered with impunity because you have to “look at the bigger picture” and save your ammo for the real stuff.

With the right voice acting there’s a LOT of potential in this idea.
(World in Conflict played those things REALLY close to the heart. It was, at moments, a truly gut-wrenching experience).


Yup! There are lots of cool opportunities.
Flew with Yurgon for the first time in Ka-50 yesterday, this beast is great. Can’t wait to do the campaign for it!

@Navynuke99 I can imagine a lot of night flying, which would be much safer for the Black Shark. Also no loadout editing, additional points for saving ammo etc.

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Hmmm… I wonder if there’s any way to adjust performance based on different fuels being used at that time…

I think it is a great and fun way to integrate the Ka-50 into the Normandy map. I’m all for it…! Like I’ve always said…I’m all for content (like the Museum Relic campaign) that makes you feel like you are playing a part in a movie. I say go for it…!

Thanks! I’ve had very positive responses and it is in my pipeline once I finish some other pressing stuff, like Mirage Red Flag and perhaps a new A-10C campaign in Caucasus, which is under way :slight_smile: but I’d love to do a helo campaign!

I think perhaps doing random failures to pumps and engines? :slight_smile: it is a cool idea, thanks!

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the Ka-50 goes beautifully well together with Normandy:


However, in VR at least, once the shooting starts, so does the stutterfest.

Would be instabuy for me - but I think it really would be wise to wait until much further down the development road, though nothing to stop planning, preparation etc in the mean time :slight_smile:

btw - I think there are far more people interested in enjoying the product than there are pedantic types who pick at everything.

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Nice pen test.

I agree about Ka-50 and Normandy! Just had my first real Ka-50 flight there and my first Ka-50 dogfight using guns, which I miraculously won - though I think it was thanks to VR and better awareness :slight_smile:

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would it be feasible to do a MP campaign … I understand there are some limitations to the way the campaign systems works … but would there be a way the MP works only if both players have the campaign… any campaign would be 100% better if flown with a friend or two

I completely agree, though currently there is no way to do a DLC campaign that would have multiplayer support.
One can attach several missions converted to MP, but that’s about it :frowning:

Great Idea! I don’t think something like that has ever been thought of…oh wait…:wink:


You know…once they get that DCS F-14 going…just say’n😎


Aw yiss! Dont let a couple cons hold you back mang!

In scifi there’s the term “hard scifi” to distinguish fiction that has most of its world as realistic as possible with only a few “magic” touches from “science fantasy” which is magical fantasy with a draping of (semi)realism. I think your scenario falls on the side of “hard scifi” by the very nature of the DCS simulation. I like it a LOT.

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