FFAI - A Complete AI Traffic Add-on For Microsoft Flight Simulator

Looks nice, but remains to be seen if actually real.

The whole MSFS liveries and AI traffic story has been pretty weird so far. Groups popping up and claiming to have split the atom with amazing new things ‘coming soon!’, other groups getting all upset about 22 year old textures being stolen, models being borrowed from commercial add-ons and then shut down - it’s been a three ring circus for a while with a level of drama only flight sim hobbyists can work up.


Wow, you got that right!



I like the voiceover of “RJ Mitchell” from The First of the Few

The music / Mitchell voiceover is from the Public Service Broadcasting track “Spitfire”, with the dialogue taken from the film “The First of the Few”. Really recommend PSB - great musicm look on YouTube for the whole thing.


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