Fighter Pilot Podcast Starring "Wags"

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That’s pretty awesome. I wondered when Jello was going to get around to trying the DCS Hornet. Very much looking forward to listening to this episode. No one better than Matt to shepherd him into the world of combat study sims.


F YEA! \O/


You know I thought in one of his earlier podcasts he spoke of a “Commercial” type company where you could fly the Hornet in a Flight Simulator ? Does anyone remember that?

Yes, I remember but I think that he mentioned that the person had a local business, perhaps in Coronado.

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It’s Up!!!

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I just listened to it. Good to know it has the stamp of approval, even though we here at mudspike already had our SME sign off on it.

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I hope thrustmaster and/or VKBsim and/or VirPil were listening too and will bring back Force Feedback to high end flight sticks. I want to feel the energy state of my jet as well.

The other thing I already did; sprinkled some sand on my throttle to make it grainy :stuck_out_tongue: (not really)


I enjoyed this episode. It is very apparent that Wags is passionate about what he does. I also like that ED seems to be in it for the long haul. Definitely looking forward to new air assets and hoping that the surprise project is going to be a Viper. :sunglasses::grin:


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I haven’t listened to the pocast, but the Lawn Dart is already confirmed in the pipe after the Hornet (At the cost of an infinitely more interesting choice #RipRhino)

It skipped the line, it didn’t kill the Rhino.

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That’s true, but when the average module development time is roughly four years, going from “it’s in progress!” to “see you in eight years”, is a bitter pill to swallow.


I highly doubt they’ll take as long on the F-16 as they are taking on the Hornet.

I concur. Not only did DCS itself change a lot over the last couple years, it used to be fragmented all to heck and back.

Most likely the lead times for new aircraft are going to go down over the coming years. The long bit is research to get that last 0.2% of info on a machine.

One hopes, but I’ll believe it when I see it. However I’ve disrupted the topic more than enough.

Matt said “Phantoms and MiG-17” :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

I’ve often wondered why Razbam chose the MiG-19 over the 17, when the latter has a much more substantial and successful combat record. I hate to keep quoting my dad, but he did have over 270 combat missions in the F-4C, D, E in SE Asia. He very much respected the MiG-17 and knew not to turn with one. I’m wondering if it is slated for another developer.

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I think one has to be a little bit fair though in that it’s been 10 years since Black Shark, and since then DCS has added:

  • A-10C
  • AJS-37
  • F-5E
  • MiG-21bis
  • AV-8B
  • M2k
  • L-39
  • Hawk (yeah, yeah, I know – just sayin’)
  • MiG-15
  • F-86
  • P-51D
  • Spitfire IX
  • Fw-190D-9
  • Bf-109K-4
  • SA342
  • UH-1H
  • Mi-8MTV
  • F/A-18C
  • Yak-52

Plus, Persian Gulf and Nevada terrains. I know we kinda have a tendency to bit- “enthusiastically complain” about what ED does, the length of time it takes to release/complete modules, but on the whole the past decade has presented us with a lot of content, even if it doesn’t always scratch the itch and there have been problems. I also think if you look at the way things have been in the past two years, DCS and ED have matured a lot, trying to make changes in how they do business and trying to cater to their audience. The Bug and naval operations is proof of that. In the brief time I was involved with LOMAC before going back to IL2, a F/A-18 was one of the most requested aircraft. They had to wait 14 years, and even with Seven-G popping up about a decade ago, they still couldn’t beat ED. I think that says a lot about our little hobby in the grand scheme of things.

I’m not saying it’s been a smooth ride or that the future is on easy street, but from the perspective of someone just getting into DCS this past summer, I think it has a lot going for us that is kinda hard to find elsewhere. Wags’ enthusiasm and passion even after all this time and the constant screeching from the community speaks volumes. Seriously, after the Heatblur F-14 announcement, the community reactions reminded me of what I didn’t like about making mods for ArmA/FP, and I have to give props to those teams that are sticking with it despite the negative emotions. They sure aren’t gonna get rich off of this stuff.


@Franze… Plus Normandy too.

In all fairness, you could pretty much copy/paste the avionics code from the Hornet to the Rhino to match early lot Rhinos. I think the displays are even the same early on, minus the UFCD and EFD. The longest task would be editing the engine and FCS/flight model code, both of which would be extremely similar to the Hornet but with enough differences to take some time to properly model.