Fighter Pilot Podcast

This is a pretty good resource. I am surprised that it has not been shared here before!

I have only listened to a few episodes but I have an extended road trip coming up and this may help the kilometers pass away.


Production quality was lowish the first few episodes but the host’s self improvement mantra is, well, that of a fighter pilot, so it’s gotten professional very, very quickly.

Lots of fun stories and interesting facts for us nerds. :slight_smile:


You’re going to hurt @chipwich’s feelings


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Yup, jell-O keeps rock in it.

In episode 21, The Real Viper, did you guys get the impression that he was a little short with Pettigrew, especially when discussing his involvement in the original Top Gun movie? It’s a shame that Viper couldn’t bring his Sparrows online.

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Sorry. I did a quick search and didn’t turn anything up, but in honesty I was looking for a thread instead of posts.

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No worries Fridge. There is so much good contect to be consumed by this group there, a little boost won’t hurt. -cheers


I love this podcast. You can really hear that hundreds of briefings and debriefings are a good training to give technical talks to an audience.

Oh yeah - it’s a great podcast, and now has a firm place in my podcast app.

You can’t just listen to Formula 1 podcasts you know…

No idea this existed. Can’t wait to start listening to this. Nice to know he improves quality. Sometimes that turns me off so that will keep me coming back.

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Not yet there @chipwich :wink:

But today what a nice coincidence of numbers and dates !

Today 17th of January, driving home from airport, I downloaded just the next episode which I didnt listened to yet.

This episode is caled ’ Desert Storm MiG Kill ’ and Jell-O and Mongo talk about downing of MiG-21 on day one of Desert Storm which took place on 17th of January.
Few minutes ago I realized that this episode is number 17 !

Fun with numbers :slight_smile:

Really great show this podcast. I like that you can download each episode in mp3 format and listen to it anytime anywhere offline. :+1:

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Great episode 52. Interesting to hear Adm. John Kerr’s criticism of the gun.


The last two weeks I’ve been making missions for one of my favorite “red” modules. This comes at a great time.