Fighter Pilot reacts to DCS F-16

Been following Hasard Lee on YouTube for a while. Very informative videos. Former F-16 pilot, now F-35. He finally went down the DCS comparison rabbit hole. :nerd_face:

Hm… Watching a pilot watching a movie and calling the F-16 old school.
I guess I’m old school too…? :wink:

Well… when he talks about old school he is refering to 70s (cockpit design, GBUs…). So yeah, it’s some 50 years ago :grinning:

That’s what I’m saying… Thanks for making it even worse! :wink:


At first I thought that guy’s moustache was a joke! :smiley: I thought you had to keep those things groomed tight in the air force … like definitely above the lip and not extending toward the sides of your mouth!

As of the late 80’s, yes, you did. I thought they looked silly, so never bothered. Things likely changed a little. And for combat pilots I’m sure they went over the ‘edge’ at times (pun in tended)

He might also be on leave currently. I know I take every opportunity to let my beard grow out when I don’t have to shave.

Also, you can now customize your helmet

What are you guys talking about? He’s clearing taking a selfie of himself in an F-16 …

If I pulled rank on him that day, he would’ve never got to step foot in a fighter jet with that abomination on his face! :slight_smile:

Then again, it could’ve been Moustache March or something.


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I was just glancing at the thumbnail, I didn’t realize it was an inflight selfie.

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Its a combat mustache.
While deployed, most of us aircrew would grow one out and let it push the regs.

As for the video, I didnt feel it was that great. He just watched and commented on the hype vid. I’d like to see him actually try the sim and give his perspective as a former Viper guy.

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As a child of the 70s, I will never be on board with facial hair. I will always equate it with a lack of hygiene and, well, John Holmes. A false indicator of masculinity, like a sports car suddenly replacing the minivan.

Pretty much everyone I see besides Santa Claus instantly turns my stomach. Seeing food getting caught in there and then just wiped away with a napkin…does wiping your head with a napkin keep your hair clean and replace shampoo? I just know almost none of those are being shampooed daily. Ugh.

I have shaved 1-2 times daily since late high school and will never stop.

I found, as my facial hair grew, that it has some practical function: It helps keep dust away from nose and mouth. I run a landscaping business. There’s sawdust and stone dust and dirt flyin’. Being hairy helps keeping all that away from the parts of me that I really don’t want it on or in, ie mouth, airways, etc.

So while it’s filthy at times and I look like something between a panhandler and a garden gnome, it feels as natural to have all the hair for this job, as it felt to have none at all back when I was an MMA fighter.

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I mean, McGregor is not exactly shaved :bearded_person:

Yeah, felt same. About 1/4 way into it I realized there wasn’t going to be much more there, which is ok as he’s new. For now I’ll just say I hope his content goes a bit deeper.

McGregor is a vain prettyboy who also fights pretty damn well. But really, when sweating, wrestling and punching, no hair at all is best. Or a mean harsh stubble :wink: It cleans up easier and gives no leverage.

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I really really dislike that dude. I mean he’s a great fighter but such a horrible human being.


Eh, don’t know about that. Fame and fortune do bad things to most people who attain them, and what bad there is gets hugely magnified by the looking glass of media attention. There’s also the fact that prizefighters often take on a bit of a role to drum up hype for their fights. Setting themselves up as the bad guy can be pure marketing strategy as well.

So he might be the stunning *unt he seems to be, or he might be playing one. I don’t know, and TBH I don’t really care to know either.