Fighting in VR - close combat guns only BFM - recognising targets and their aspect ratio

I’m a WWII lover.
So all my fights are guns only!

I have a Samsung Odyssey + ( it’s your fault and i never stop being grateful!)

So far the experience is amazing ther’s no turning back!

Shooting is much easier!
I flew mainly the spit from Cliff of dovers times and i can guide those crossing tracers having them converge on the target.
(In bos while flying the macchi i always add the 7.7 wing mg - that italian pilots removed to increase roll rate and agility - just to aim better)
Also deflection shooting is much easier.

Being defensive is really bad!
I can check my six while flying straight but while manouvering… i have really to work hard to remove a trailing bandit from my cold six…
Also avoiding boom n zoomers in your rear hemisphere is much harder…
But it’s more realistic than having a tir allowing you to turn your neck 180°

I imagine that in 3 to 5 years we’ll have VR only servers… (did i said we are entering a new era of flight simming?). And then unseen attackers will make 60% of the kills…

what’s the problem then…
Right now flying in Burning Skies a very simple but well populated WWII server i have a great Situation Awareness (DOT ICONS in VR right now stands out too much)
but when they get closer (mid distance) i can’t understand the planes aspect angle… that is dramatic especially in head ons with fast closure rates. I found myself that i have still to identify a contact that he’s already shooting at me…!

Do you feel the same problem?

You mean Aspect Angle? - you basically are saying you cannot always tell which way an aircraft is pointing?

Isn’t that the way it already is with locked pit, no icons? In IL2’46, that’s where I made most of my kills and I was stuck using the hat for view. In a P-47 razorback.

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Yes that’s it! i edited the post!

Related to the topic at hand, I think you need really good eyes, VR or not, to do BFM of any kind in DCS. Some people struggle with situation awareness even with TIR, big monitor, and icons; it’s something that DCS is very rough on people with. In IL2’46 there was a pretty forgiving dot system even if icons were off and I think that made a marked difference in leveling out the playing field for the most part.

Probably the largest advantage a TIR+monitor user has is the zooming in and out for the view; it’s my understanding that VR doesn’t have this, though someone can correct me if I’m wrong there.

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Probably you got the point!
I’ve always have been one of the best aircraft spotter in my squadron! Either in Il2, Cliff of Dover of Box. I think it’s a mixture of good lookout technique, good hardware/monitor (have good results on a 27" 1080p and bad ones on a 27" 2k) but also i use a lot of zoom in-out. That allow to cycle trough all LOD models and makes it easier to spot contacts.

In VR you have ZOOM (it’s burrowed somewhere in adjust controls settings) but it’s a limited one!
So you don’t have the same zoom without VR.

I think that the lack of big Zoom plus the blurriness of the VR makes the difference for me!

Assume you are accounting for lighting and weather effects because there should be plenty of times that this type of thing would be impractical with eyeballs only.

Well WWII was all eyeball fights (except some night radar intercept that i suppose ended with supergood and lucky eyeballs)

Also i suppose most of the kills were scored by unseen attackers!

It’s difficult for a pc game to recreate the right mix of weather effects, lighting conditions, reflections and lod models…

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